5 Things to become a WordPress Expert

Become a WordPress Expert
In this tutorial you will learn 5 Things to become a WordPress Expert or Professional having great vision. Website development has opened up new avenues for the creatively inclined individuals. Whether it’s making quick money or contributing to the ever-growing web development community, you can grab your chance of becoming a respectable professional. WordPress is one of the most trending website development platforms that have offered you the opportunity of becoming a writer/blogger, support representative, designer, consultant or a developer. If you’re skilled and possess confidence in your capabilities, then WordPress is for you. Get on with becoming the next go-to person in WordPress website development by following some simple guidelines. The motive behind this post is to familiarize you with five such tips that will pave your way towards becoming one of the most sought-after WordPress professional. Let’s get started now!
How to Become a Top WordPress Professional
5 Things to become a WordPress Expert

1. Don’t forget to make a good use of the Akismet plugin

Akismet plugin

A WordPress blog/website is prone to comments/spams. It is here that WordPress’ default plugin called Akismer comes to your rescue. As a leading programmatic solution for preventing comments spam on your website/blog, Akismet is a must-install for your WP portal. Unlike activating a regular WP plugin, in order to activate Akismet, you’re required to follow a specific procedure wherein you require an API key which will be used by Akismet for associating with your WordPress.com account.

2. Access multiple WordPress tutorial websites

Access multiple WordPress tutorial websites

The internet is flooded with websites where you can find easy-to-understand tutorials on WordPress and a variety of other popular programming languages. Some examples include Udemy, Treehouse, Code Academy and Tutsplus Premium. As someone who’s about to start a career in website/blog development using WordPress, going through the resources offered by these online tutorial websites is definitely a great option.

3. Know WordPress’ core feature called Permalinks

Know WordPress core feature called Permalinks

Permalink structure is basically the way different URLs are being generated. By default, the permalink structure of WordPress is quite ‘ugly’ both for humans as well as search engines. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that human beings find it difficult to remember WordPress’ permalink structure. Talking about the second reason, Google and a range of search engine robots prefer using a web page’s URL for digging into its content. But, the default permalink structure of WP doesn’t render any useful information for the search engines, therefore compromising on SEO results for the website/blog. A viable solution for this problem is to change WordPress’s default permalink structure. For this, all you need to do is simply go to your main admin menu and further navigate to Settings-> Permalinks. There, you’ll find multiple options for the new permalink structure. I would recommend choosing the finest permalink structure i.e. “Post Name” available under “Common Settings”. Have a look at the below given screen-shot:

4. Opt for specializing in a particular WordPress arena

Opt for specializing in a particular WordPress arena

No matter how much time and effort you put into becoming the best at everything, it is practically impossible to become “jack of all trades”. Therefore, the only lucrative option is that you’re left with is specializing. Go ahead and choose a genre in WordPress web development. For instance, as a front-end WordPress developer, you can taken on to developing themes and frameworks. On the contrary, if you love coding, then you can choose to take up a career in developing the back-end of WordPress websites/blogs. Here, an important point to remember is that you shouldn’t opt for specializing in multiple areas simultaneously. You can always master a single specialty first and then move on to other key areas within WordPress.

After having chosen a new permalink structure, don’t forget to save your changes. You’ll find that all your posts and pages will be automatically permalinked across your WordPress website. Proving to be an easy win for both users and Google, this step if performed by default on every WordPress website will fetch you impressive results.

5. Connect with WordPress professionals from all over the world

Connect with WordPress professionals from all over the world

As a beginner, creating a strong network of WordPress experts from different parts of the world will prove beneficial for kick-starting your WP web development career. By expanding your social and knowledge circles, it will become convenient for you to get in touch with skilled WP professionals. Therefore, you’ll be able to learn new things about WordPress and grab useful insights on leveraging the power of WP and its offerings. Additionally, you can also opt for participating in WordPress official support forums where you can find the best suited answers for all your queries related to WP web development. There are WordCamps which can be attended for grabbing a brilliant opportunity y of giving value to the entire WordPress community. Remember your ability to teach someone else what you know is a true sign of your unique expertise.


With the clear mindset of working on continual improvement, you can easily combat all the jitters that tend to crop up with the basic idea of becoming a WordPress programmer. To attain the title of a “WordPress expert”, a complete adherence to the above mentioned guidelines will be utmost befitting.About The Co-Author
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