Pixer-React (v4.1.0) Multivendor Digital Marketplace Template Free Download


Pixer-React Multivendor Digital Marketplace Template Free Download v4.1.0 | Pixer-React Multivendor Digital Marketplace Template Nulled v4.1.0 a revolutionary leap in the world of e-commerce design and functionality. Built with precision and forethought, this platform amalgamates the power of React, Next.js, and Tailwind CSS to offer an unparalleled digital shopping experience.


The essence of the “Pixer-React Multivendor Digital Marketplace Template Nulled” is its adaptability and versatility. Whether you’re launching a sprawling multivendor digital mall or a niche single-seller boutique, this template has got you covered. It artfully combines a sleek, contemporary design with state-of-the-art functionality, ensuring both vendors and customers benefit from a seamless experience.

Central to its allure is its robust foundation, leveraging the best of React and Next JS, renowned for their speed and security. Tailwind CSS accentuates its aesthetics, making it a visual delight. The focus on performance ensures that not only does your online store load swiftly but remains impervious to potential security breaches, a concern paramount in the e-commerce sphere.

For entrepreneurs, ease of use is paramount. Recognizing this, the Pixer Free Download template comes with comprehensive documentation, guiding users through every facet of installation, deployment, and customization. Moreover, the inclusion of a full admin template streamlines backend management, allowing you to connect your API seamlessly with both the user interface and admin end.

But that’s not all. In a nod to evolving user preferences, Pixer Nulled offers both dark and light mode variants for the online shopping experience, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.



Pixer-React Template Free Download


The Pixer-React Multivendor Digital Marketplace Template isn’t just a tool; it’s a transformative solution. It addresses the holistic needs of digital entrepreneurs, offering a platform that’s visually captivating, functionally robust, and incredibly user-friendly. For those seeking to elevate their digital commerce game, this template is the gold standard.

Changelog Pixer-React Template Nulled

v4.1.0 11th Septeber 2023

- External Product Support Added [New Feature]
- Added wallet details to customer profile. [Enhancement]
- Added proper Order Payment summary in the shop. [Enhancement]
- Internal bug fixes for both Shop and Admin [Bug Fix]

v4.0.0 7th August 2023

-Added Multi payment checkout support
-AI Modal support in every possible description like Create Shop → Description, Create Manufacturer/Publication → Description, Create New -Category → Details, Add Tag → Details, Create Author → Bio, Create Author → Quote, Create New Coupon → Bio, Create New Coupon → Description, Settings → Meta Description, Settings → OG Description
-Added Country wise currency formation  support
-Added Enable AI Switch and AI Provider Dropdown in Settings
-Added multiple payment provider selection in Settings

v3.0.0 18th April 2023

Upgraded to next 13 (Admin and Shop)

v2.3.0 8th February 202
.env support
Payment Gateway[Stripe, Paypal]
Payment methods
Payment intent and Gateway
Order [create and Entire Payment system] modified
changes  Coupon module
changes Setting module
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