Team Booking v3.0.18 – WordPress Booking System Nulled

Team Booking v2.1.5 - WordPress booking system
Team Booking – WordPress Booking System
Team Booking – WordPress Booking System 

Download Free Team Booking WordPress Plugin v3.0.18

Download Free Team Booking WordPress Plugin v3.0.18 – ThemeForest | Team Booking – WordPress booking system Nulled v3.0.18 | is a WordPress booking and reservation plugin for appointments and services with a very distinctive feature: all the availability plans are made via Google Calendar!

Team Booking Features

  • A complete booking solution – services, events, appointments, rooms and so on…
  • Planning via Google Calendar – use your Google Calendar to plan availability and manage reservations
  • Collaborative – specify WP roles allowed to be service providers. They can work together for the same service, while keeping their own Google Calendars for availability planning!
  • Customizable – tweak general and personal reservation behaviour, frontend calendar style, maps, confirmation email and more.
  • Hassle-free – the frontend booking calendar works out of the box with shortcodes!
  • Timezone autodetection – autodetect customer’s timezone!
  • Reservation form builder – create your perfect reservation forms!
  • Payments – with PayPal and Stripe!
  • Promotions – discount coupons and campaigns!
  • Complete notification e-mail system – build custom e-mail content with dynamic user data
  • Export data – a full reservations database, downloadable as *.CSV and *.XLSX files
  • Fully WPML compatible – requires WPML Multilingual CMS
  • Language support – via .po and .mo files

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Changelog Team Booking Nulled

v3.0.14 [01/05/2023]

Fix: service location were not displayed under some conditions
Fix: minor issues

v3.0.13 [29/05/2023]

Improvement: Zoom JWT deprecation, supporting the new S2S oAuth system
Fix: buffer time, when applied only around booked slots, now works as it should
Fix: slot tickets override through Google Calendar now works
Fix: location override through Google Calendar now works
Fix: minor issues

v3.0.12 [02/05/2023]

Feature: Currency and Price formats are now completely configurable
Feature: Service Provider Cancellation notification
Fix: Google Calendar event was not properly recreated after cancelling a reservation and booking it again
Fix: wrong max user tickets logic
Fix: customer timezone were not observed
Fix: minor issues
v3.0.11 [31/03/2023]

Fix: prices and discounts were not properly displayed in frontend on some occasions
Fix: wrong currency displayed on some areas of the backend
Fix: minor issues

v3.0.10 [27/03/2023]

Enhancement: reservations form field entries are also exported in XLSX
Fix (Google Integration): only one provider was functional under some circumstances
Fix: skip the provider selection step when there is only one provider for the selected service
Fix: XLSX export now works with long service names
v3.0.9 [24/03/2023]

Hotfix: Google Meet links were not created under some conditions
Hotfix: Zoom links not available on Google Calendar event under some conditions
Hotfix: Default service providers settings were not observed
Fix: promotions are applied to unscheduled services as well
Fix: WPML compatibility issue

v3.0.8 [11/03/2023]

Hotfix: Personal availability tab not accessible
Fix: Personal email notification (provider) not sent
v3.0.7 [09/03/2023]

Feature: frontend timezone can be set upstream instead of being detected
Fix: cancelling a single reservation for the same timeslot caused the Gcal event to be removed
Fix: glitch when Google API cache delay setting can be set as empty
Fix: bug preventing a customer to be reverted to "not mapped" 
v3.0.6 [04/03/2023]

Feature: frontend custom sorting order for services/providers
Feature: option to set a centralized email address for system notifications
Enhancement: option to set a throttle when polling data from Google API
Enhancement: option to disable caching
Fix: reservations were blocked if the timeslot capacity was not edited
Fix: only the first reservation were added to the same Google Calendar event
Fix: frontend reservations sorted by date
Fix: cancellation reason missing from the first confirmation email
Minor bugfixes

v3.0.5 [26/02/2023]

Feature: Google Calendar reservation event color
Enhancement: Customer data dynamic tags
Enhancement: responsive calendar header date
Enhancement: phone field use a prefix determined from the customer browser language
Fix: memory overflow in some occasions
Fix: unscheduled reservations were only visible when "past reservations" were included
Fix: options form fields can now be set as required
Fix: double slots on some occasions
Minor bugfixes

v3.0.4 [20/02/2023]

Enhancement: list view for reservations in the backend (mobile-friendly)
Enhancement: phone fields are nicer :)
Enhancement: configurable email recipients for admin notifications
Fix: price details are not displayed when there is no price
Minor bugfixes

v3.0.3 [17/02/2023]

        Enhancement: plugin observes the fonts of the theme
        Enhancement: reservation status/cancellation link can be added in the editor
Fix: timeslot were computed wrongly when already present reservations left exact timeframe
Fix: providers were not listed when the shortcode specifies them
Minor bugfixes

v3.0.2 [14/02/2023]

    Fix: working hours plans now properly observe personal events on Gcal
    Fix: Stripe receipt email were not observed
    Minor bugfixes

v3.0.1 [10/02/2023]

    Improvement: working hours plans can now be limited to custom date intervals


 Breaking change: Google Calendar 3-way sync
 Breaking change: PHP minimum required version is 7.3 now
 Feature: refunds with PayPal and Stripe
 Feature: form conditional fields
 Feature: consecutive timeslots selection
 Feature: Google Meet integration
 Backend re-style
 Frontend re-style
 Many other small features and changes

Feature: Zoom integration
Fix: PHP 8.x compatibility issues

Feature: WordPress block editor blocks are available
Fix: overlapping event services are correctly computed

Fix: dropdown options were not visible

- Feature: autodetect user timezone
- Feature: supports IDEAL payments through Stripe
- Fix: PHP 8.x compatibility

- PayPal certificates update

- Support for SCA with Stripe
- Fix: minor bugs

- Fix: issue with WordPress 5.1 and containers showing the wrong slot times
- Fix: batched e-mail messages not sent in some occasions
- Fix: frontend timezone sorting and searching according to locale language
- Fix: Google Batch endpoints updated

- Fix: wrong price displayed in the payment step
- Fix: tickets selected always reverted to 1 in some configurations
- Fix: coupons were not applied to cart reservations

- Fix: e-mail template can now be edited
- Fix: added the "token" property to the API reservation object
- Fix: price increments were not recognized when escaped chars are involved
- Fix: custom regex expressions with backslashes now work
- Fix: the edit_reservation API now edits the form fields too

- Fix: payment options not shown during a cart checkout

- Fix: the selection of the number of tickets was not friendly on mobiles

- Fix: promotions can't be created due to uncorrectly wrong date format
- Fix: reminders were not sent
- Fix: reservations database timeout setting were not observed
- Fix: payment e-mail page wasn't functional

- Feature: multiple slots selection (cart) 
- Feature: full WPML compatibility 
- Feature: e-mail templates 
- Feature: frontend slot customers list 
- Feature: slot commands via Google Calendar 
- Improvement: selectable template for the cancellation/approval/payment pages 
- Improvement: services can be read-only 
- Improvement: past slots can be shown in the backend slots list 
- Improvement: persistent customer's preferences 
- Improvement: searchable timezone selector and timezone aliases 
- Fix: general languages directory is now recognized 
- Fix: Google PHP API library is now namespaced to avoid conflicts 
- Fix: admins and coworkers (for their own slots) will open/close limits 
- Fix: TGMPA library conflict with some themes should be no longer an issue 
- Fix: All-day events timezone 
- Fix: wrong dates in PDF export 
- Fix: reservations were computed 2 times in multisite environments 
- Fix: sorting order of the form fields were inconsistent 
- Minor bugfixes

- Improvement: containers (and only containers) can now be created in a shared Google Calendar also by non-owners
- Improvement: e-mail reminders can now be set up to 5 days before
- Fix: Stripe payment errors now give some feedback to the user
- Fix: recurring events causing bad performance in a multisite environment
- Fix: coworker_url e-mail hook now works
- Fix: service providers should be able to cancel a confirmed reservation
- Fix: "Error calling GET[...]" in rare occasions
- Fix: slots were incorrectly set as read-only in rare occasions
- Fix: all-day recurring instances were wrongly addressed

- Improvement: ability to add or prevent the customer being added as a guest to the Google Calendar event
- Improvement: customer's phone number available as additional event title data
- Improvement: ability to hide the service's name from the frontend slots
- Fix: slider's height went crazy when service description contains images
- Fix: upcoming events were not showing correctly in some occasions
- Fix: recurring containers were not showing correctly when the start time passes while the end date still not

- Fix: fixed coupons were not working
- Minor bugfixes

- Feature: backend slots list
- Feature: single-use coupons
- Feature: query string parameters
- Improvement: selectable timezone continents
- Improvement: show tickets left only under a threshold
- Improvement: query string parameters
- Improvement: show/hide the map
- Improvement: new reservation_id and service_name e-mail hooks
- Improvement: do_reservation API request
- Improvement: how to treat discarded free slots (show as booked or totally hidden)
- Improvement: customizable login URL and redirect back to the calendar page as option
- Improvement: new filter to add custom content inside the thank you message
- Improvement: custom meta_keys to populate form fields with
- Improvement: better and (way) faster recurring events management
- Fix: hide_same_days parameter was not working
- Fix: reminder e-mail manual sending process now works
- Fix: approval rule setting was not correctly loaded
- Fix: coupon validation is now case insensitive
- Fix: non-admin coworkers were able to see all the reservations in the Overview tab
- Minor bugfixes

- Fix: localization and timezones for the upcoming events list 
- Minor bugfixes

- Fix: coupons were not working properly
- Fix: new services were not correctly added
- Fix: some upcoming list sorting issues
- Fix: upcoming shortcode builder was outputting a wrong parameter for selective services

- Feature: upcoming events list shortcode and widget
- Feature: promotions usage limits
- Feature: promotions timeslots date bounds
- Improvement: a new slots display style
- Improvement: dynamic data for booked event titles in Google Calendar (Appointment services only)
- Improvement: the Service's name too can now be shown inside the numbered dots
- Improvement: PayPal checkout logo and other tweaks
- Improvement: data tabbed modals
- Improvement: reservations table's items per page is now configurable and persistent on a user-basis
- Fix: reminder e-mail messages were not sent under some circumstances
- Fix: all-day slots overlapping timezone logic
- Fix: create api token read/write was not working
- Fix: backend display issues with Firefox
- Fix: Google Calendar reminders were set even if not selected
- Minor bugfixes

- Improvement: more colored dots display settings (name of the service can now be added)
- Fix: approval/decline issue
- Fix: double e-mail messages were sent
- Fix: reminder e-mail setting issue
- Fix: all-day containers are now correctly parsed
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