Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper (v1.1.7) Free Download

Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper
Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper

Download Free Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper v1.1.7 Nulled

Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper Free Download v1.1.7 – CodeCanyon | Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper Nulled v1.1.7 is the Professional Web Novel and Manga Scraper Plugin for WordPress that comes with just a few simple setup steps and will produce autopilot manga or web novel websites utilizing its strong manga crawler engine. It has the potential to transform your new manga website into an auto blogging or even money-making engine!

ultimate-web-novel-and-manga-scraper-nulled.zip (LATEST)

You can easily scrape the following with this plugin:
  • a long list of manga or web comics, complete with chapters and volumes (from fanfox.net) – In the future, additional manga source sites will be added.
  • a long list of full-chapter web novels (from wuxiaworld.site, vipnovel.com, or boxnovel.com) – In the future, additional web novel source sites will be included.

If you run it manually, the plugin requires only one click and should be left running. If you follow a schedule, you can sit back and relax because you won’t have to do anything else than watch your manga or web novel website’s traffic develop.

You can use this plugin to take content from other websites that share manga or web novels that do not necessarily belong to you or are not under your control.

If you take copyrighted material without the author’s permission, the plugin’s developer is not liable for your actions. Furthermore, the developer of the plugin has no control over the nature, content, or availability of the grabbed material.

Premium Features of Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper

  • crawl and scrape comics from fanfox.net using the Madara – WordPress Theme for Manga developed by wpstylish
  • pingbacks/trackbacks for created manga or web novels can be enabled/disabled.
  • crawl and scrape wuxiaworld.site web books (Your server must have a headless browser installed.)
  • The Madara theme, which this plugin uses, is entirely responsive and mobile compatible.
  • Web novels from boxnovel.com are crawled and scraped.
  • crawl and scrape vipnovel.com web novels
  • Use Google Translate (paid or free API), Microsoft Bing Translator API, or DeepL Translator API to automatically translate web books into any language.
  • scrape using a fresh web URL or a keyword search
  • mechanically crawl several mangas and scrape all of their chapters based on a timetable
  • manually execute chapter importing for manga or web novels
  • scrape using a manga URL or a keyword search
  • Support for proxy and headless browsers enables you to easily circumvent scraper prevention.
  • Upload photos to your server or straight to the cloud if you have CDN settings (Blogger, Blogspot, Amazon, Imgur, Flickr, FTP) configured in the Madara theme options.
  • Create a featured image for scraped manga or web novels automatically.
  • turn on/off comments for created manga or web novels
  • Add your own unique warning message to all scraped manga/web novel chapters.
  • Scraped manga can be published automatically, or it can be marked as draft/pending and published manually.
  • Complete plugin documentation and a tutorial are included.
  • instantly add title, description, featured image, release date, author, artists, tags, and genres to manga and web novels (manga categories)
  • designed for speed – no impact on performance
  • ready for translations
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Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper Free Download

ultimate-web-novel-and-manga-scraper-nulled.zip (LATEST)

Changelog of Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper

Version 1.0.0 Release Date 2021-10-13
First version released!
Version 1.0.1 Release Date 2021-10-21
Translation support added to web novels using Google Translate (free or premium API), DeepL Translator or Microsoft Bing Translator
Added keyword search support for the web novel scraper also
Version 1.0.2 Release Date 2021-10-31
Updated plugin to match latest web novel scraping changes
Version 1.0.3 Release Date 2021-11-19
Added support for scraping BoxNovel.com
Version 1.0.4 Release Date 2021-12-17
Added support for scraping VipNovel.com
Version 1.0.5 Release Date 2022-01-20
Fixed tag scraping and novel date importing
Version 1.0.6 Release Date 2022-04-18
Fixed scraping of manga which has volumes instead of chapters on fanfox.net
Version 1.0.7 Release Date 2022-04-20
Fixed Google Translator problem caused by a recent Google API update
Version 1.0.8 Release Date 2022-06-20
Added the ability to translate titles and description of manga scraped from FanFox
Version 1.0.9 Release Date 2022-06-24
Fixed FanFox manga featured image scraping
Version 1.1.0 Release Date 2022-07-25
Fixed multiple web novel sources featured image scraping
Version 1.1.1 Release Date 2023-01-25
Fixed some cases when not all images where correctly scraped from FanFox chapters
Version 1.1.2 Release Date 2023-02-20
Fixed FanFox chapters scraping order when chapters are mixed in different volumes
Version 1.1.3 Release Date 2023-08-10
Updated from vipnovel.com to newnovel.org, because of domain name change
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