Brizy Pro (v2.4.33) WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled

Brizy Pro - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled
Brizy Pro - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled

Brizy Pro WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled v2.4.33 – | Brizy Pro WordPress Builder Plugin Free Download v2.4.33 is a professional page builder that’s fast & easy, Brizy is the next-gen web builder that anyone can use. No designer or developer skills are required. There’s nothing else that feels easy once you go to Brizy Nulled!

Get off to a good start with our pre-made designs

You might want to start with a blank page and let your imagination guide you, but if that’s a little too intimidating, just start with one of our beautiful pre-made Pages, Blocks and Pop-ups.

A time-saving feature that designers have always wanted

Did you ever want to change all the similar colors on your page with a single click?

With our professional WordPress page builder, you can do that! Not only that, but you can also change all text that share the same properties in one go. It’s all done with our Global Styling options.

Build quickly and intuitively using our innovative content tools

Speed up your design workflow with our smart content tools that show the most options for each item right on top of it. This reduces mouse travel and saves time, and also makes Brizy the most popular drag-and-drop website builder.

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Changelog Brizy Pro – WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled

1 December, 2023
Version 2.4.33
FIXEDButtons width in preview
FIXEDOverlay was visible under gradient color
29 November, 2023
Version 2.4.32
NEWUse system default fonts instead of Google or custom fonts
IMPROVEDReduce icons size
IMPROVEDSave form checkbox value in preview
IMPROVEDMove "Show on Desktop" icon under the Basic tab in the right sidebar
IMPROVEDDelete dynamic content inside Text in one backspace
IMPROVEDOptimised code output for the Accordion element
IMPROVEDOptimised code output for the Tabs element
IMPROVEDOptimised code output for the Icon element
IMPROVEDOptimised code output for the Button element
IMPROVEDReduced ID length in HTML attributes
IMPROVEDRemoved "data-uid" and "name" attributes from section in preview
IMPROVEDIntegrations API new data output format
FIXEDDrag image with link
FIXEDIcon sizes values in the Icon element
FIXEDDynamic content text color in preview
FIXEDSound of video with cover image plays twice
FIXEDCustom video loop not working
FIXEDCopy and Paste styles for hover overlay
FIXEDReturn empty for placeholders that are working with WooCommerce functions
8 November, 2023
Version 2.4.31
FIXEDMalformed attribute selector data-brz-popup
FIXEDOrder By feature in Posts and Archive element is not displayed
6 November, 2023
Version 2.4.30
NEWAdded title and tags for global blocks
NEWAdded delete option for form integrations
IMPROVEDBrizy UI Library in Editor
IMPROVEDAdded notification for outdated Safari browser (version 16.3 and below)
IMPROVEDStyling option for the Button element in responsive
IMPROVEDRemoved Effects from the Text element in responsive
IMPROVEDVarious option toolbars where the title of the label is too long
IMPROVEDAdded scroll navigation to active element when device mode changes
IMPROVEDAdded GET, POST for Form webhooks
IMPROVEDPrefixed all data-attributes
IMPROVEDAdded width in PX for the Row element
IMPROVEDRemoved the terms & conditions checkbox from authorization form
IMPROVEDSidebar device mode titles
IMPROVEDGoogle Fonts updated to the latest version
FIXEDHTML tags being removed from the Embed element
FIXEDAutoplay for video background in block slider
FIXEDLine element does not align if hover is set
FIXEDRandom Google Fonts were not displayed in the preview
FIXEDWord break does not work correctly in the Alert element
FIXEDBackground video on block slider does not resize correctly
FIXEDUpdated Twitter icon to X
FIXEDHide background preview for popups
FIXEDXSS vulnerability to Text Editor
FIXEDAccordion tags not working correctly in preview
FIXEDVersion checking for zip files when moving blocks or layouts from WP to Cloud
FIXEDSetup config data for help videos inside the builder
FIXEDAdded permission to download svg files
FIXEDDefault template display in preview
FIXEDJump to the second block by link
FIXEDSites give a 500 Error when Brizy Free is updated to latest version on
FIXEDGutenberg opens in iframe and the edit with brizy button is not displayed
20 October, 2023
Version 2.4.29
FIXEDLogin element error when try to register
11 October, 2023
Version 2.4.28
NEWAdded Internal Link on the link option for all elements
IMPROVEDRemoved getPage request added pageData inside config
IMPROVEDSections container width was changed in 1170px
IMPROVEDChanged icon for the Webhooks integration on forms
IMPROVEDRemoved the ability to change icons in responsive views for the icon element
IMPROVEDButton width for default fill type
IMPROVEDRename Tags titles in Saved blocks
IMPROVEDRearrange Global typography styles
IMPROVEDResponsive views change automatically when you select the devices in global typography styling
FIXEDText color picker on dynamic elements
FIXEDHover on certain elements that have motion effects set
FIXEDDrag and Drop was not working on images with link
FIXEDLightbox preview
FIXEDToolbars label text length
FIXEDDynamic text with gradient color was not visible
FIXEDHover animation not working for the same item after sliding
FIXEDColumn content align when scroll animation is applied
FIXEDText space for ordered and unordered lists
FIXEDThe accordion element disappears after deleting tags
FIXEDOpacity for Gradient color does not work correctly
FIXEDButton Spacing incorrectly affects position and alignment
FIXEDGlobal styling not changing
FIXEDAudio element is still playing after the pop-up is closed
FIXESGlobal colors for Image shadow
FIXESGlobal colors for Image border
FIXEDTab and Accordion elements heading get hidden under Sticky/Fixed menu
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