Woocommerce Zoho Plugin (v1.3.2) [CrmPerks] Free Download


Woocommerce Zoho Plugin Free Download, a dominant CRM tool, is a game-changer. The Woocommerce Zoho Plugin is an impressive innovation in this space, garnering an impeccable 5.00 rating from its users. But what makes it stand out, and why is it crucial for modern online businesses? Let’s delve deeper.


Bridging E-commerce with Efficient CRM

Every successful online business understands the power of effective customer relationship management (CRM). The Woocommerce Zoho Plugin Nulled seamlessly sends WooCommerce order data directly into Zoho’s suite, including CRM, Books, Inventory, Invoice, and Bigin. This smooth integration ensures that your sales data is instantly and accurately reflected in your CRM tools, paving the way for efficient management and analytics.

Features that Make a Difference:

  1. Effortless Connection: Using the highly secure Oauth2.0, businesses can connect their Zoho account, ensuring that data transfer is both seamless and secure.
  2. Customizable Fields Mapping: The plugin allows for personalized mapping of WooCommerce order fields to any of Zoho’s object fields, making the data integration process tailored to individual business needs.
  3. Controlled Data Export: Businesses can decide precisely when the WooCommerce order data should be synced with Zoho, giving them control over the flow of information.
  4. Multiple Feed System: Define how and when the order data should be sent to Zoho CRM. The ability to create multiple feeds with specific conditions offers a refined approach to data management.
  5. Error Alerts: In the unlikely event of an error during data transfer, the plugin promptly sends out a detailed error report to the specified email. This proactive approach ensures businesses can swiftly address issues.
  6. Detailed CRM Logs: Get insights into every piece of data sent (or not sent) to Zoho CRM. If needed, orders can easily be resent to Zoho, ensuring no data is missed.
  7. Comprehensive Synchronization: The plugin ensures that any update, deletion, or restoration made in WooCommerce orders reflects in Zoho CRM. This two-way synchronization is pivotal for data accuracy.
  8. Intuitive Filtering: While the default is to send all orders to Zoho CRM, businesses can set filters and rules to control which entries get synced, ensuring relevancy.
  9. Data Note Functionality: The plugin allows businesses to send data as notes in Zoho CRM, providing a more nuanced way to store information.
  10. Object Assignment: The inter-feed operability ensures objects updated or created by one feed can be linked with another, paving the way for integrated data management.



The Zoho Free Download Plugin is not just another tool; it’s an essential asset for businesses serious about maximizing their e-commerce and CRM capabilities. By ensuring that WooCommerce data seamlessly flows into Zoho Nulled tools, businesses can optimize customer relations, inventory management, and financial bookkeeping. It’s a holistic approach to online business management, making it a must-have for every WooCommerce store.

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