JetFormBuilder Pro (v3.1.9) + All Pro Addons Pack Free Download


Download Free JetFormBuilder Pro v3.2.2 + All Pro Addons Pack

JetFormBuilder Pro + All Pro Addons Pack Nulled v3.2.2 | JetFormBuilder Pro + All Pro Addons Pack Free Download v3.2.2 | JetFormBuilder Nulled— Dynamic Blocks Form Builder A functional yet easy-to-use Form Builder plugin lets you create, edit, and style advanced form types in the block editor (Gutenberg). No more supplementary drag-and-drop form builders. You can now use a one-stop interface to develop fully operative custom forms. (LATEST)

JetFormBuilder Nulled lets you build any kind of form nice and easy. Its 24+ field blocks allow creating forms from scratch or reassembling the existing ones. Throw JetStyleManager into the mix, and you’ll be able to adjust every form field’s fonts and style settings. Create form types, customize, and style – all in WordPress default blocks editor.


JetFormBuilder Nulled is a user-friendly form creator that lets you create new forms and add them to the form page. From a simple form to multi-step form design – you can nail down any form type:

  • Signup form
  • User profile form
  • Quick contact form
  • Subscription form
  • Online survey form
  • Appointment form
  • Application form
  • Booking form
  • Event registration form
  • Multi-Page Form with a progress bar
  • WordPress Post Submission Form
  • Request a Quote Form
  • Feedback Survey Contact Form
  • Make a Suggestion Contact Form
  • Change Request Forms
  • Maintenance Request Contact Form
  • Scholarship Application Form
  • Make a Referral Contact Form
  • Volunteer Registration Contact Form
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Make a Donation Form
  • Product Purchase Form
  • Newsletter Signup Form
  • Online Petitions

JetFormBuilder Dynamic Blocks Form Builder Free Download (LATEST)

JetFormBuilder Addons List

  • JetFormBuilder Save Form Progress v1.0.9
  • JetFormBuilder Schedule Forms v1.0.2
  • JetFormBuilder Mailpoet Action v1.0.4 
  • JetFormBuilder Mailerlite Action v1.0.2
  • JetFormBuilder Limit Form Responses v1.0.3
  • JetFormBuilder Hubspot Action v1.1.2
  • JetFormBuilder Address Autocomplete v1.0.9 
  • JetFormBuilder Convertkit Action v1.0.2
  • JetFormBuilder Stripe Payments v1.1.1
  • JetFormBuilder Select Autocomplete v1.0.5
  • JetFormBuilder Advanced Color Picker v1.0.5 
  • JetFormBuilder User Login Action v2.0.1 
  • JetFormBuilder WooCommerce Cart & Checkout Action v1.0.4

Changelog JetFormBuilder — Dynamic Blocks Form Builder Nulled

– ADD: Email Verification
– ADD: Widget “JetForm” for Bricks editor
– ADD: Register User with random password (use “Secure unique token” in the Fields Map)
– ADD: Ability to allow custom options in Radio/Checkbox fields
– ADD: Option to sanitize values in Text and Textarea fields
– ADD: Bulk add the Select/Radio/Checkbox options
– UPD: The Action Button block is divided into 4 separate variations (to improve UX in the editor)
– FIX: Issue with default value if there was static text or macro

– FIX: ActiveCampaign integration error when using custom fields
– FIX: In Send Email action if there is a percentage symbol in the body of the letter
– FIX: Elementor widget JetForm – fields width issue (props @stijnvanouplines)
– FIX: Incorrect recognition of regular expression in advanced validation

– FIX: Error in form fields in editor after release of WP 6.4. Inability to edit them
– FIX: Prevent saving too long status in *_jet_fb_records table
– FIX: Remove useless control in Elementor widget – JetForm
– FIX: Save form progress (addon) not working for repeater fields

– ADD: Support multiple emails in Reply-To (Send Email)
– ADD: Added “Post Type” to Hidden Field Sources
– FIX: Active Campaign. Cannot add a contact with an existing tag if there are many
– FIX: Encoding Error in Color Picker Field
– FIX: Changed the user_agent column type from varchar (255) to text in the table jet_fb_records
– FIX: Media field is empty in form records export file
– FIX: Visually confusing the “Generate dynamically” -> “Value from meta” options setting
– FIX: Advanced Choices Field Block styled text can’t be clicked
– FIX: Compatibility with JetFormBuilder PayPal Subscriptions
– FIX: REST-API security. Now only administrators can view one or more forms using standard WP REST routes

– FIX: Minor vulnerability in Update User action
– FIX: Invalid deletion of first element of repeater field
– FIX: Form doesn’t go to top of each step in some cases
– FIX: Ignore the value 0 in the Select/Radio/Checkbox Fields
– FIX: Minor compatibility with language plugins

– ADD: Friendly notice in browser console about error in Calculated formula
– FIX: Conditional Block with required field always throws Validation error
– FIX: Displays html in the value of the fields on the single record page
– FIX: Application of shortcodes inside the form when it is displayed by the shortcode

– ADD: User Display Name in dynamic preset
– FIX: Uncaught Exception: upload_mime_types
– FIX: Booking form inside listing stopped working
– FIX: Error in console if no captcha is used.
– FIX: The value 0 in the field was recognized as empty
– FIX: Compatibility with JetEngine Lazy load in the listing
– FIX: Exporting form records, automatically fills in empty form fields

– ADD: Color Scheme option for Input fields in Elementor widget
– FIX: Remove unused files
– FIX: jet-form-builder/form-handler/after-send hook gets the wrong form result
– FIX: Custom Listing Template not working properly with checkbox and generator

– FIX: The operation of the preset in the Advanced Choices Field inside the repeater
– FIX: Calculating a custom formula for each element of the repeater
– FIX: Compatibility with WordPress 6.3 (Layout updates in the editor)
– Tweak: Improved compatibility with jfb-attributes-for-macros addon

– FIX: An error in admin footer text filter
– FIX: term_titles_by_ids filter return fatal error
– FIX: An error in the console when the “Switch page on change” option is enabled in the Radio or Select field
– FIX: Button Edit JetForm not visible anymore in the Admin bar
– FIX: Forced conversion of the maximum file size in the Media field to an integer value
– FIX: Wrong rendering of Repeater field with preset
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