Repair box (v1.1.1) Repair booking,tracking and workshop management system Nulled

Repair box - Repair booking,tracking and workshop management system
Repair box - Repair booking,tracking and workshop management system

Download Free Repair box – Repair booking, tracking and workshop management system v1.1.1

Repair box Repair booking, tracking and workshop management system Free Download v1.1.1 – CodeCanyon | Repair box Repair booking, tracking and workshop management system Nulled v1.1.1 is a system that allows you to book and manage repair services. Customers can submit defective devices to the workshop, where technicians will repair and fix physical issues with the device.

It is a very clean and simple interface, with each technician having access to the workshop to handle repair orders assigned to that technician. In the workshop, the technician can update the repair log while repairing, notifying the customer of each update.

Features of Repair box Script

  • Repair orders management
  • Currency settings
  • From workshop area
  • Repair order handing from admin area by admin person
  • From Admin area
  • Repair order handing from workshop area by technician
  • Booking by selecting predefined brand, device, and defects
  • Repair statuses management
  • SMS gateways
  • Repair brands management
  • Custom pages management
  • Repair devices defects or services management
  • Users management
  • Repair orders invoice manually
  • Payment gateways configurations
  • Customization frontend portfolio
  • User roles management
  • Repair orders collection
  • Advance printable repair reporting system
  • Tax implementation
  • Translation manager for locales
  • Quick replies management
  • SPA (Single page application)
  • Repair priorities management
  • FAQ management
  • Repair devices management
  • Form CSRF Protection
  • System settings
  • Database backup and restore
  • Lightweight and fully optimized application.
  • Overall detailed dashboard
  • Embedding widgets
  • Notifications
  • CSV imports
  • And more…

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Changelog Repair box Nulled

Notification/SMS Alerts tracking link issue fixed.
Notification/SMS Alerts on booking name issue fixed.
CSRF issue on Cross-origin  fixed 
Notification on booking name issue fixed.
Storage linkage can be skipped if blocked by the hosting provider.   
1.0.3 (Please don't forget to update your templates)
Mail and SMS notification templates. see in demo
Stripe card payment processing upgrades
The device's model input changed as an option.
Order booking process optimized for fast booking.
VAT calculation issue fixed
Translation issues fixed
Database backup/restore issue fixed
User interface upgraded at admin side
Major framework upgrade
PHP 8.1 capable
Laravel backend framework upgrade to 10.9
Tailwind framework upgrade to 3.2* 
All other libraries upgrade.
Fixed [Urgent]
Repair booking failed, due to admin notifications.
Fixed [Urgent]
Repair profit calculation (Total amount with tax - tax - cost = profit).
Mail outgoing notifications scheduling to process it in the background by cron job.
Admin notification on new bookings from the customer.
Custom classes in repair tracking to override.
Translation strings updated.
New permission checks (in user role) for technicians to remove/edit repair orders.
Repair booking embed code attributes.
Installation system failing.
Payment gateways UI 
High-security vulnerabilities reported & fixed. 
Repair order total amount calculations.
High-security vulnerabilities reported & fixed. 
Versions update
Repair order handling and processing.
High-security vulnerabilities reported & fixed. 
Invoice layout optimized
Status update notification failure.
VAT calculation implementation at an advanced level.
Date time formation enhancement.
User interface optimized.
Installer and license patching system improvements
All notifications are localized.
API requests security enhancement.
Report route under authorized.
High-security vulnerabilities reported & fixed. 
Google reCaptcha V3 (update)
Installer updated
Multiple repairable defects can be imported for multiple devices.
Report duration filter for generating the report.
Devices form validation rules.
Brands form validation rules
CSV Imports validation rules
Data masking setup only for public data.
Catch missing language strings and typos.
UI improvements.
My account page navbar.
Local (EN) sync
Files/Folder permissions updated.
Scrolling issue fixed
Add a system to collect DUE or Additional payment from customers in the track area.
Public data masking for the privacy of customer personal information.
Repair order lock/unlock stare.
Repair order archive/none archive stare.
Repairable device warranty stare.
New filters for repair orders.
System UI updated.
Repair and manage layout scrolling issues.
Admin area typo misspell
Terms and conditions for customers [see in the demo]
Booking widget W-2  launched for booking. [see in the demo]
The repair invoice has a terms section [see in the demo]
Repair and manage layout scrolling issue.
Admin area typo misspell

You must need to optimize your system before installing this version otherwise you may get in trouble. let's read how to optimize it.
Purchase license verification has been launched to avoid misuse of our product and to protect it in case of sale reversal.
Repair order in admin area role gate bug removed.
Repair report table UI updated,
Repair box admin area layout screen height issue fixed.
Repair invoice export as PDF has been updated
Form input labels are style modified.
Form validation: customer email max string character limited extend.
Language translations: The English language has been protected as a system language.
We will not support 0.43 or less. please keep updating the application to reach the best.

The SMS notification (Nexmo, Twilio gateways) [how]
Notifications can be turned Off/On (even for a single customer)[ how ]
Frontend portfolio can be customized, [ how ]
Portfolio can be turned Off/On [how]
Additional charges can be added in certain cases to repair invoices [ how ]
Square payment integrated [how]
The system can allow setting default payment gateway from existing active gateways [how]
System optimizer while in production [how]
Repair report generator (printable) [how]
New priorities can be added,
New statuses can be added,
The repair order will be automatically assigned to the technician-created order from the workshop
Missing translations strings
language string synchronizer removed from the production version due to technical reason
The repair log will come with user designation (admin or technician or else !)
Booking embeddable widget
Tracking embeddable widgets.
Support form embeddable widget.
Read how to get widget code here.
These widgets can be embedded on your existing web page or website to track repair orders, and book new repairs and customers can submit queries by using the support form widget.
Turn-ON/OFF booking status from the general setting tab.
Bypass payment processing while booking.
Booking standard booking from predefined entries.
Book custom repair by entering manually device information.
Defective device collection status.
Stripe and cash on delivery payment processing.
The user account login bug fixed.
Booking form inputs or fields made optional.
Form inputs and label style improvement.
Booking with multiple payments or without processing payment.
Initial released
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