s2Member Pro (v230819) WordPress Plugin Free Download

s2Member Pro Nulled Free Download
s2Member Pro Nulled Free Download

Free Download s2Member Pro WordPress Plugin v230819

s2Member Pro WordPress Plugin Free Download v230819 | s2Member Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled v230819 Protect your WordPress Posts, Pages, Tags, Categories, URIs, BuddyPress/bbPress, and even portions of content within Posts, Pages, themes, plugins. Easily configurable & highly extensible. You can even protect downloadable files and streaming audio/video. Store files locally, or use s2Member’s Nulled integration with Amazon®.

s2member-pro-nulled.zip (LATEST)

s2Member is powered almost entirely by WordPress shortcodes, making complex integrations quick & easy. Sell recurring (or non-recurring) subscriptions with lots of flexibility. Or sell “Buy Now” access in various ways. You can also sell specific Posts/Pages, sell access to file downloads, or sell Custom Capabilities that provide highly configurable access to specific portions of your content.

s2Member® integrates with Stripe™ (most popular), PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Authorize.Net, and ClickBank too. Integrate one, or integrate them all!

With 1000’s of customers, an intelligent open-community, comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, APIs, the s2Member Codex, KB articles, and over 50,000 forum posts; s2Member Nulled just can’t be beat!

Secure WordPress content and offer users/members a secure checkout solution that integrates seamlessly with WordPress Roles/Capabilities. It’s like a cash machine. s2Member puts money back in your pocket with every customer you acquire 




s2member-pro-nulled.zip (LATEST)

s2Member Pro Nulled Changelog

(Framework) Fix: Added some missing functions to the list of conditionals allowed by default for s2If (e.g. current_user_days_to_eot_less_than, current_user_gateway_is). See also: https://s2member.com/kb-article/s2if-simple-shortcode-conditionals/#toc-5bb69568

(Pro) Enhancement: New s2If whitelist option for custom conditional functions to be allowed. s2Member Pro > Restriction Options > Simple Shortcode Conditionals > Whitelist

(Framework) Enhancement: Handle s2If conditional problems more gracefully. Instead of giving an error that prevents loading the rest of the page, it now just doesn't display that s2If's block, and enters a message in the error log (e.g. /wp-content/debug.log).

(Framework & Pro) Enhancement: Prevent output from s2If conditions, only true or false.

(Framework) UI: Update the Mailchimp example from Group Title to Group Category, to match Mailchimp's current name in their settings. s2Member > API / List Servers > Mailchimp

(Framework) Fix: Potential security issue under rare circumstances. Fixed in this release.

(Framework) Fix: Mailchimp's groups/interests were not transitioning correctly with the updated integration. Fixed in this release.

(Framework) UI: Added a notice about PayPal giving trouble with encrypted buttons recently, recommending to not encrypt them for now. You may need to disable button encryption, and allow non-encrypted payments. s2Member > PayPal Options > Account Details > Button Encryption

(Framework) UI: Brought back the "Expand All" and "Collapse All" buttons for the admin panels. See thread 10796

(Framework) UI: Updated the link to the PayPal IPN configuration.

(Framework) UI: Added link to PayPal's IPN History page. s2Member > PayPal Options > PayPal IPN > More Information

(Pro) Fix: Stripe's billing update pro-form gave an error sometimes. Fixed in this release. See thread 10752

(Framework) Enhancement: Updated the Mailchimp integration to v3 of their API. I made it so you shouldn't need to change anything, it should work with your existing configuration. Still worth doing a test or checking that things are normal after the update, and report any issues you notice. See: thread 10666
(Pro) Fix: Stripe subscriptions weren't using customer cards updated with the Billing Update pro-form. The subscription saved the first card, instead of defaulting to the card in the customer's profile. This release fixes that. The card is not added to a new subscription anymore, only to the customer's profile, and updating his profile's card with the Billing Update pro-form, will also update the subscription so it uses it. Thanks to Jim Antonucci for his help with this.

(Pro) Enhancement: The Stripe Billing Update pro-form now includes a field for the cardholder's name (i.e. Name On Card). Adding the name to the card will improve successful subscription charges. Thanks to Andy Johnsen for the idea.

(Framework) Fix: Fixed domain name format validation for custom profile fields.

(Framework) Fix: Fixes to markdown parser for PHP8 compatibility.

(Framework) Fix: Fixed HTML near AWeber's API key field.

(Pro) Bug Fix: An error could happen on PHP8 during Pro installation in a multisite network. Fixed in this release.

(Framework) Bug Fix: An error could happen on PHP8 when saving an edited user profile. Fixed in this release.

(Framework) UI Enhancement: In the List Servers admin page, removed mentions of the AWeber email parser, which isn't available any more.

(Framework) Bug Fix: Removed latest changes to gateway notification and return handlers, that were causing difficulties with member access in some scenarios.
(Framework) Bug Fix: Fix PayPal IPNs being ignored because a bug in the last release. After updating to this release, you may want to review your latest IPNs since updating to v221028, and re-send them from PayPal. See thread 10208
(Framework) Fix: Initialized some array keys to prevent PHP warnings in PayPal notify and return files. Thanks Greg M. for your help.

(Framework) UI: Widened the Logs viewer. Thanks Sim. See thread 10064

(Framework) UI: Framework auto-update is now allowed when Pro add-on installed.

(Pro) UI: The Pro updater now shows when a newer version available, not just when required.

(Pro) UI Enhancement: In ClickBank Options admin page, added note about keeping IPN encryption disabled.

(Pro) Enhancement: Removed ClickBank's name from the notify, return, and success URLs, replaced with just cb. Kudos to Eduardo for telling me about this. See thread 9910

(Pro) Enhancement: Added a PayPal payment request ID to help prevent random/rare PayPal duplicate charges. Kudos to Nathan for his help. See thread 7999

(Framework) UI Enhancement: Admin page panels widened for larger displays.

(Framework) UI Enhancement: Simplified Getting Started and Getting Help admin pages.

(Framework) UI Enhancement: In PayPal Options admin page, updated paths and links to PayPal settings.

(Framework) Bug Fix: Removed the Security Badge's link to the old Flash powered page on s2Member's site.

(Pro) UI Enhancement: Small improvements to the Pro upgrader.
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