Snapshot Pro (v4.20.3) [WPMU DEV] – WordPress Backup Plugin

Snapshot Pro WPMU DEV Nulled
Snapshot Pro WPMU DEV Nulled
Snapshot Pro WPMU DEV
Snapshot Pro WPMU DEV

Download Free WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro WordPress Plugin v4.20.3 – | Snapshot Pro – WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled v4.20.3 is the smart, fully automated, completely ready on-demand time-traveler from WPMU DEV Nulled. It will snap and store backups of your WordPress and Multisite for one-click restoration. Snapshot Pro WP Plugin Nulled got your back…every time.


  • Redundant backups
  • 10GB about WPMU DEV bird storage
  • The Hub backup manager
  • Server info quick view
  • Backup whole site
  • ZipArchive
  • PclZip
  • Multisite Global file for consideration exclusions
  • Manage attention usage
  • Size segmenting eliminates timeouts
  • Set custom backup folders
  • Downloadable log files
  • Include media files
  • Scheduled backups
  • Manual backup
  • Set backup interval
  • Exclude precise files
  • Annotate snapshots
  • Multisite compatible
  • Mirror sync
  • Simple one-click restore
  • Utilize norm WP tables
  • Set range over backups according to store
  • Automatically lift oldest backup
  • Amazon S3 integration
  • Dropbox integration
  • Google Drive integration
  • FTP or SFTP integration

Snapshot Pro Free Download Link


Changelog Snapshot Pro Nulled

June 27, 2023 - version 4.17.3

Bug: Minor improvements in code and copy
Improvement: Replaced hero image with new product logo
June 6, 2023 - version 4.17.2

Bug: Resolved an issue with region being not set correctly
Improvement: Minor user interface enhancements
May 30, 2023 - version 4.17.1

Bug: Resolved an issue with updates
Improvement: Enhanced logging mechanism during site restoration
May 30, 2023 - version 4.17

Bug: Resolved backup size issue for smaller backups
Bug: Resolved backup deletion issue
Bug: Resolved backup restoration issue initiated from the plugin
Improvement: Reduced delays in exporting backups in specific cases
Improvement: Enhanced code quality
Improvement: User interface enhancements
April 11, 2023 - version 4.16

Bug: OneDrive authentication issue
Bug: Issue with missing database files on some sites
Improvement: Enhanced incremental backup engine robustness
Improvement: Minor UI tweaks
Improvement: Security enhancements
Improvement: Improved whitelabel support
March 1, 2023 - version 4.15

Fix: Security enhancement
Improvement: Fix issue with Backup failing on some servers
Improvement: UTF-8 character support for table names
Improvement: Better handling of backup upload to Google Drive
Improvement: Minor UI changes
Improvement: Code quality improvement

January 17, 2023 - version 4.14

Feature: File explorer UI for Files/Folders exclusion
Bug: Issues with exporting backups to Google Drive
Improvement: Enhanced table search functionality
Improvement: Integrated "Branda" plugin with Snapshot
Improvement: Better handling of the overall backup process
Improvement: Display excluded database tables under each backup
Improvement: Display excluded files and folders under each backup
Improvement: Better handling of "mysqldump" detection
Improvement: Compatibility check with PHP version 8.2
Improvement: Updated email design
November 22, 2022 - version 4.13

Bug: Issue with database file exclusion
Bug: Snapshot Installer issues with database tables
Bug: OneDrive creates a new directory when the directory path is empty
Bug: Code quality improvement
Feature: Option to use "MySQLDUMP" to build the database
Improvement: Validation message for FTP/SFTP destination
Improvement: Better handling of file names while creating the zip file
Improvement: Handling database backup more efficiently
November 3, 2022 - version 4.12.1

Fix : Compatibility check with WordPress version 6.1
Improvement: Backups running for a longer period of time
October 18, 2022 - version 4.12

Fix: Backing up the root directory regardless of having multiple sites in the directory
Fix: Issue with database tables exclusion
Improvement: Whitelabel support
Improvement: Correctly parsing the php.ini file for Snapshot installer
Improvement: Checking on the Snapshot installer backup archive integrity
Improvement: Minor UI enhancements
September 22, 2022 - version 4.11.2

Improvement: Replaced Google fonts with Bunny fonts for GDPR compliance
Improvement: Membership detection
September 15, 2022 - version 4.11.1

Bug: File exclusion UI
Bug: Fonts not loading
Improvement: Minor UI enhancement
September 13, 2022 - version 4.11

Bug: Files are better handled during the restoration
Bug: Wrong number of backup count for hosted sites in the dashboard page
Bug: Code quality improvement
Feature: OneDrive destination business account support
Feature: Database table exclusions in UI
Improvement: Site name and backup date are displayed for backup export file
Improvement: Handling of large files during upload
Improvement: Backup name and date are shown in backup export email
Improvement: Snapshot Installer - better detection of backup file
Improvement: Minor UI enhancements
August 8, 2022 - version 4.10

Fix: Config file upload
Fix: Some UI fixes
Fix: Backups not uploaded to Google Cloud
Feature: OneDrive destination
Improvement: Pagination on hourly backups for hosted sites
Improvement: Handling of files during restoration
July 12, 2022 - version 4.9.1

Fix: SSL issues on some host while creating the backup
July 7, 2022 - version 4.9

Fix: Issues while applying config with schedule disabled
Fix: Minor UI fixes
Fix: Snapshot Installer was not recognizing the database credentials
Fix: Dropbox connection issues for some users
Improvement: Code quality
Improvement: Google drive shared directory backup support
Improvement: Added support for longer domain names in Snapshot Installer
Improvement: Support for direct download link in backup email
Improvement: Improved the backup zip files getting corrupted with undesired output
Improvement: Configs applied from the Hub wasn't behaving correctly
Improvement: Made Installer restoration process more smooth and consistent
June 1, 2022 - version 4.8.2

Improvement: Compatibility with Siteground's Ultrafast PHP
Improvement: Backup failing on random database tables
Improvement: Snapshot Installer now identifies external database host
Fix: FTP now supports plain mode
Fix: Code quality improvement
Fix: Minor UI fixes
May 24, 2022 - version 4.8.1

Fix: HTTP Authentication form not displayed correctly
May 23, 2022 - version 4.8

New: HTTP Authentication for password protected sites
Improvement: Snapshot Installer now identifies the host name correctly
Improvement: Global exclusions are applied by default
Improvement: Site time is displayed on when scheduling the backup
Improvement: Snapshot settings and docs link are displayed on Plugins page
Fix: Minor code quality issues
April 13, 2022 - version 4.7.4

Fix: Snapshot Installer now handles open_basedir restriction more strictly
Fix: FTP destination doesn't work in Sv4 - ftplib update
Fix: Minor UI fixes
Improvement: Odd/Even rotation process
Improvement: Changed the description for backups deletion
Improvement: Endpoint to force force manual retention
April 7, 2022 - version 4.7.3

Fix: Improved handling of zip file during backup
Fix: Email is not sent after export
April 4, 2022 - version 4.7.2

New: Added "Google Login" support
March 7, 2022 - version 4.7.1

Improvement: Export failed email
Improvement: Removal of Defender logs table from database backup
Improvement: FTP/SFTP directory information added
Improvement: Snapshot Installer database prefix field validation
Improvement: Snapshot Installer now shows the correct failed page when the disk space is full during the restoration
Fix: FTP/SFTP link text
Fix: Snapshot Installer now shows lists of files that are failed to restore
Fix: Google drive destination modal issue
Fix: Settings saved messaged displayed on Settings page
Fix: Schedule from Config wasn't applied to the Hub
February 2, 2022 - version 4.7

Improvement: Snapshot Installer 2.0
Improvement: New email design
Improvement: Link to download Snapshot Installer and restoration guide in email
Improvement: Backup download request notification
December 13, 2021 - version 4.6

Feature: FTP/SFTP backup destination
Feature: WP-CLI support for backups
Improvement: Apply Your Own Config
Improvement: Button to delete all logs
November 3, 2021 - version 4.5.2

Improvement: Minor tweaks and adjustments
November 1, 2021 - version 4.5.1

Improvement: Code stability and removal of debug notices.
October 27, 2021 - version 4.5

Feature: Configs
Bug: IP check before running a backup temporarily disabled
Improvement: Ability to go to previous step after authorizing Google Drive
Improvement: Academy links removed
Improvement: Global Exclusions shortcut links
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