SuperProps (v13.0.9) React Landing Page Templates with Next JS & Gatsby JS Free Download

SuperProps - React Landing Page Templates with Next JS & Gatsby JS
SuperProps - React Landing Page Templates with Next JS & Gatsby JS

SuperProps – React Landing Page Templates Free Download v13.0.9 – ThemeForest | SuperProps – React Landing Page Templates with Next JS & Gatsby JS Nulled v13.0.9 is the best React Next Landing Page that is made with React, Next Js, Gatsby Js, and Styled Components. NO jQuery, please!

Th developers made reusable react components and a modern mono repo architecture so that you can build multiple apps with the same parts. These landing pages can be used for your react app.

You can use them. It’s very easy to set up, and we’ve made sure that firebase is fully integrated with it. You can put your next app on firebase and put it on other hosts, just like now.

Create Next App

The easiest and fastest way to create a React app with server-side rendering.

Styled System

Responsive, theme-based style props for building design systems with React.

React Hooks

Hooks are an upcoming feature that lets you use state without writing a class.

Elite Author Support

We can assure you the proper Elite Author support and faster response for our products.

Monorepo Support

We used Lerna for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages.

Fast Performance

Optimized for a smaller build size, faster dev compilation and dozens of other improvements.

Glide JS for slider

A lightweight, flexible and fast dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and carousel.

Built in Components

We have provided a lot of useful build in components to make it easy for customers.


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Changelog SuperProps – React Landing Page Templates with Next JS & Gatsby JS


-Modal component changed.
-Particle Component updated.
-Fixed some internal issues.


 -AgencyFormal Image issue fixed. 
 -Documentation update. 
 -Fixed some internal issues. 


-upgraded to the Next.js v12.3.1
-react v18 support provided.
-updated all the necessary packages and configs.
-Fixed all the broken links throughout the templates


New Agency Classic Demo 
Agency Formal hosting issue fixed.


Ride template slide broken issue fixed.
App template mobile issue fixed.
Portfolio demo design fixed.

Fixed login modal image issue
New App Black Demo
New Agency Formal Demo
Firebase hosting issue fixed.
Removed Gatsby Version on Envato's guideline
Huge updates!!
- New Web App Landing Page
- New Web App Minimal Landing Page
- New Web App Creative Landing Page
- New Saas App Dark Landing Page
- New App Creative Two Landing Page

- New SaasAppCreative Landing Page
- Upgraded to Next JS Latest Version 11.1.2
- All next JS-related Package are updated.
- Added Next Image for image optimization.
- New  Saas Creative Landing Page.
- New  Web App Creative Landing Page.
- New  Food Delivery Landing Page.
-Updated to gatsby version 3.
-Firebase hosting issue fixed
-New App Creative landing page.
- Updated pacakge.json for gatsby js .
- Removed Monorepo Depandency
- Updated all packages to latest version


- New App Minimal Landing page
- New Donation Landing Page
- New Saas Minimal 2 Landing page.

- Firebase hosting issue fixed.
- New Saas Minimal landing page.
- All packages are updated.
- Warnings are fixed.

- New Hostingmodern landing page.
- New Agencydigital landing page.

- New agencymodern landing page.
- Next Js Version update.
- Update in Firebase Hosting Documentation.

- Component restuctured .
- problem solved of sharp modules.
- solving hosting related issues.

- Crypto Modern Landing Page Added. 
- Updated Documentation
- App Classic Landing Page Added. 
- Updated Documentation
- Interior Landing Page Added. 
- Some css issue fixed
- Charity Landing Page Added. 
- Next Js version updated.
- Seperated container for Next JS and Gatsby Js
- Cryptocurrency Landing Page Added. 
- Next Js version updated.
- Deployment in 'Now'
- Deployment in 'Netlify' 
- Saas Modern, Saas Classic and Ride Sharing Landing Pages Added. 
- Gatsby Support Added.
- New Portfolio Landing Page added
- Libraries updated

- Tag Changes
- Library Updated

- Initial Release
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