The Events Calendar Pro (v6.2.7) Free Download

The Events Calendar Pro Nulled Free Download
The Events Calendar Pro Nulled Free Download
The Events Calendar Pro Nulled Free Download
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Free Download The Events Calendar Pro v6.2.7

The Events Calendar Pro Nulled v6.2.7 | The Events Calendar Pro Free Download v6.2.7 | Easily create and manage an events calendar on your WordPress site with The Events Calendar Nulled free plugin. Whether your events are in-person or virtual events, this WordPress calendar plugin boasts professional features backed by our world-class team of developers and designers. (LATEST)

Packed with loads of features, The Events Calendar Nulled is ready to go out of the box. It’s also extensible, easy to use, and completely customizable.

See the calendar in action on our demo experience. Just getting started? Read through the New User Primer to get set up.

Looking for additional features like recurring events, ticket sales, user-submitted events, automatic imports, and more?


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Changelog The Events Calendar Pro Nulled

[6.2.4] 2023-10-19

  • Fix – AM/PM time formats g:i A and g:i a are now respected for the French locale. [TEC-4807]

[] 2023-10-12

  • Fix – Prevent noindex code from adding tags to single event pages. [TEC-4949]
  • Fix – Correct a problem that can cause a fatal when plugins are deactivated in a certain order. [TEC-4951]

[] 2023-10-09

  • Fix – Prevent a fatal caused by get_noindex_events on Events Calendar PRO views if PRO has not been updated. [TEC-4946]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 2 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[6.2.3] 2023-10-03

  • Fix – Ensure the UI can handle an unlimited number of recurrence rules when users create recurring events using the block editor. [ECP-1572]
  • Fix – Resolved “Uncaught ReferenceError: lodash is not defined” error by adding lodash as a dependency for the Block Editor Assets. [ECP-1575]
  • Fix – Resolves an issue around our new nonce structure used in view pagination, losing the authenticated user and failing to display user specific capabilities. [ECP-1581]
  • Tweak – Updated focus state for relevant elements to have default outline ensuring improved accessibility and consistent browser behavior. [TEC-4888]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_events_add_no_index_meta_tagtec_events_noindextec_events_{$view}_add_no_index_metatec_events_no_index_meta
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 183 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2023-09-28

  • Version – The Events Calendar is only compatible with Event Tickets and higher
  • Fix – Fix – Correct issue where Telemetry would register active plugins multiple times. [TEC-4920]

[6.2.2] 2023-09-13

  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.2.2 is only compatible with Event Tickets 5.6.5 and higher
  • Fix – When using the Event Tickets email feature the Organizer email and website will no longer be switched. [ET-1843]
  • Fix – When subscribing to an event, the organizer name will not encode as many characters, especially spaces. [ET-1778]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 9 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[6.2.1] 2023-09-05

  • Fix – WP Rewrite was being incorrectly initialized in some scenarios due to container DI, and causing some 404s. This was affecting classes that extend the Tribe__Rewrite. [TEC-4844]
  • Fix – Fixed a bug where 0 and 1 were displayed on the general and display tabs for Network admins on multisite installations. [TEC-4774]
  • Fix – In some cases when multiple Widgets were used on a page, the view results would return the wrong cache, displaying incorrect results. This fixes the inspection of the different view filters being used to determine whether it is cached or not. [ECP-1561]
  • Fix – Correct some accessibility issues in the subscribe dropdowns. Props to @alh0319 for calling these out! [TEC-4185]
  • Tweak – Enhanced venue and organizer labels by updating aria labels with additional placeholders and revised translator comments, improving internationalization and accessibility. [TEC-4874]
  • Tweak – Changed views: blocks/parts/organizerblocks/parts/subscribe-listmodules/meta/organizermodules/meta/venuev2/components/subscribe-links/itemv2/components/subscribe-links/listv2/components/subscribe-links/single-event-list
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 22 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 8 obsoleted

[] 2023-08-16

  • Fix – Ensure we pass the correct number of params to maybe_get_new_order_from_blocks [TEC-4889]

[6.2.0] 2023-08-15

  • Tweak – Change styling for Venue Blocks to constrain to a card-like style. [ECP-1540]
  • Tweak – Adjust REST endpoints to support multiple venues during event creation and updates. [ECP-1540]
  • Tweak – If multiple venues exist on an event, display them in the classic event editor. [ECP-1540]
  • Fix – Ensure the block editor includes support for user-defined custom CSS classes. [TEC-4724]
  • Fix – Ensure the “Add Organizer” button is visible in the classic editor if organizers have been set. [TEC-4729]
  • Fix – Simplify data handling of venues within the block editor. [ECP-1540]
  • Fix – When removing a newly created organizer in the block editor before saving the event will now trash the draft organizer. [TEC-3865]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_events_rewrite_dynamic_matcherstec_events_views_v2_assets_should_enqueue_single_event_block_editor_stylestec_events_title_taxonomiestec_events_views_v2_view_header_title_elementtec_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_header_title_elementtec_events_views_v2_view_header_titletec_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_header_titletec_events_views_v2_view_content_titletec_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_content_titletec_get_venue_ids
  • Tweak – Added actions: tec_events_after_venue_map_fields
  • Tweak – Changed views: blocks/event-venue.phpblocks/parts/map.phpblocks/parts/venue.phpv2/base.phpv2/components/breadcrumbs/linked-breadcrumbs.phpv2/components/content-title.php, ‘v2/components/header-title.php,v2/components/header.php,v2/components/messages.php,v2/day.php,v2/day/event/venue.php,v2/list.php,v2/list/event/venue.php,v2/month.php`
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 72 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

[6.1.4] 2023-08-10

  • Version – The minimum supported version of WordPress is now 6.1.0
  • Fix – In some scenarios our pagination and various view actions would fail due to 403 errors on the REST endpoints, because of failing nonce checks, likely due to cache. Updating the way we handle nonces to avoid some scenarios the wrong nonce could be cached. [TEC-4814]
  • Fix – This issue was regarding our rewrite parsing for the view picker url generation with WPML enabled. It was failing to parse the translated rewrite properly, and leaving unparsed permalinks. [TEC-4758]
  • Fix – Ensure we output valid html aroundandelements in an accessible way. [TEC-4812]
  • Fix – Ensure the block editor includes support for user-defined custom CSS classes. [TEC-4724]
  • Fix – Handle some issues with incorrect application of noindex meta tags. [TEC-4717]
  • Fix – Our logic to include tribe_events post type on the tag archive page was incorrectly bleeding into other queries happening on the page. This narrows the scope for the WP_Query post type overrides and avoids situations where Divi templates were not loading properly. [TEC-4819]
  • Fix – Correct some PHP 8.1 deprecations that impact loading of views. [TEC-4871]
  • Fix – Prevent TypeError warnings around admin_footer_text_settings filter due to type hinting conflicting with other plugins returning null.
  • Tweak – Deprecated misspelled tribe_get_organiser_object_after filter for one with correct spelling: tribe_get_organizer_object_after. Done as part of [TEC-4812]
  • Tweak – Remove end colons from some translated strings. Done as part of [TEC-4812]
  • Tweak – Fix typo in template displaying stray “w”. [TEC-4870]
  • Tweak – Removed code pertaining to Event Tickets CT1. [ETP-874]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_events_views_v2_get_rest_noncestribe_events_get_organizer_object_after
  • Tweak – Deprecated filters: tribe_events_get_organiser_object_after
  • Tweak – Deprecated functions: In Tribe\Views\V2\Views\Traits\HTML_Cache.php the get_view_nonce_fields(),get_view_nonce_attributes()get_view_nonce_json_properties()extract_nonces_before_cache()extract_nonces_before_cache()extract_nonces_before_cache(), and maybe_generate_nonce() functions have been deprecated.
  • Tweak – Changed views: blocks/classic-event-details.phpblocks/event-category.phpblocks/event-datetime.phpblocks/event-organizer.phpblocks/event-price.phpblocks/event-tags.phpblocks/event-venue.phpblocks/event-website.phpblocks/featured-image.phpblocks/parts/details.phpblocks/parts/organizer.phpblocks/parts/subscribe-list.phpblocks/parts/subscribe-single.phpmodules/meta/organizer.phpmodules/meta/venue.phpv2/components/events-bar/search.phpv2/day.phpv2/list.phpv2/month.phpv2/widgets/widget-events-list.php.
  • Language – 11 new strings added, 12 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted.

[6.1.3] 2023-07-13

  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.1.3 is only compatible with Events Community 4.10.10 and higher
  • Fix – Performance improvements on Month and Day view when a lot of future and past events were found. [TEC-3089]
  • Fix – Ensure we’re using the correct download link for the Export Outlook .ics file in the single event page. [TEC-4776]
  • Fix – Ensure TEC styles can be easily overridden by themes and page builders. [ECP-1503]
  • Fix – Avoid the issue where TEC blocks would break when either the WP Go MapsMapPress Google Maps and Leaflet Maps plugins were active on a site. [TEC-4810]
  • Fix – Added some event parsing to ensure only valid events are handled in the iCal file generation. [TEC-4837]
  • Fix – Harden some of our CSS to prevent unintended overrides by Elementor global styles. [TEC-4811]
  • Fix – Log errors throw in the context of the Custom Tables v1 component. [ET-1486]
  • Fix – Adding memoizing into the CT1 models to help reduce trips to fetch the same instance. [ECP-1505]
  • Tweak – Refactored CSS for Tickets Emails to better conform to email client CSS standards. [TEC-4849]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_events_ical_protected_content_description
  • Tweak – Added actions: tribe_log
  • Tweak – Changed views: integrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/header/head/tec-styles
  • Security – Various improvements to event creation.
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 129 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2023-06-23

  • Fix – Ensure there is backwards compatibility with Extensions and Pods.

[] 2023-06-22

  • Fix – Prevent Telemetry from being initialized and triggering a Fatal when the correct conditionals are not met.

[6.1.2] 2023-06-22

  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.1.2 is only compatible with Event Tickets 5.6.1 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.1.2 is only compatible with Events Filterbar 5.5.0 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.1.2 is only compatible with Events Community 4.10.8 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.1.2 is only compatible with Events Community Tickets 4.9.3 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.1.2 is only compatible with Eventbrite Tickets 4.6.14 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.1.2 is only compatible with Virtual Events 1.15.1 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.1.2 is only compatible with Event Automator 1.3.1 and higher
  • Fix – Lock our container usage(s) to the new Service_Provider contract in tribe-common. This prevents conflicts and potential fatals with other plugins that use a di52 container.

[6.1.1] 2023-06-15

  • Feature – Include Events data into the Tickets Email for compatibility with Event Tickets. [ET-1552] [ET-1553] [ET-1601]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_general_settings_viewing_sectiontribe_general_settings_editing_sectiontribe_general_settings_maintenance_sectiontribe_general_settings_debugging_section
  • Tweak – Removed filters: tec_events_integrations_should_loadtec_events_integrations_{$type}_should_loadtec_events_integrations_{$type}_{$slug}_should_loadtribe_events_integrations_should_load_freemius
  • Tweak – Added actions: tec_telemetry_modal
  • Tweak – Changed views: integrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/body/event/dateintegrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/body/event/imageintegrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/body/event/linksintegrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/body/event/links/gcalintegrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/body/event/links/icalintegrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/body/event/venueintegrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/body/event/venue/addressintegrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/body/event/venue/phoneintegrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/body/event/venue/websiteintegrations/event-tickets/emails/template-parts/header/head/tec-styles
  • Language – 28 new strings added, 132 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2023-06-14

  • Fix – Prevent fatals when older version of Event Tickets was looking for Freemius code that was removed.

[6.1.0] 2023-06-14

  • Feature – Replace Freemius with Telemetry – an in-house info system. [TEC-4700]
  • Feature – Add plugin info to Site Health admin page. [TEC-4701]
  • Fix – Elementor and other themes would inadvertently override styles on the tickets button, when the global styles were set. This hardens the common button (rsv/ticket button) styles a bit more. [TEC-4794]
  • Fix – Added option to disable pagination on the Month and Week views to address issue of missing events. [TEC-4615]
  • Fix – Avoid SQL error when filtering by Series in Custom Tables v1 context. [ET-1486]
  • Fix – Fixes database error, caused by the CT1 query parser when attempting rewrite the order by statement. Added logic to reflect on meta query arrays, and not just key/value pairs. [ECP-1495]
  • Fix – In block editor there were unnecessary geocode API calls being triggered for Event Venue blocks. Moved logic within stateful conditions, now it no longer runs fetch if the address has not actually changed. [TEC-4741]
  • Fix – Prevent administration navigation fatal error with TypeError: array_search(). [TEC-4780]
  • Fix – Removing our eager schema updates. This was causing a number of ALTER statements being run redundantly. No longer utilizes cache/transient for the last run check as it is not dependable. [TEC-4797]
  • Fix – This fixes a situation where cache would cause the post reference to switch to the initial post mid-loop on the admin events list page. This likely could have been happening on other pages as well. [TEC-4690]
  • Tweak – Ensure the page titles on the single venue and organizer pages include the respective post titles for improved SEO. [ECP-1173]
  • Tweak – Updates title tags on events pages, to be more unique and search specific, taking on formats like “Events from February 2, 2017 – February 3, 2019”. [TEC-4692]
  • Tweak – Utilize our new container architecture in tribe-common.
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 22 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2023-05-15

  • Fix – In block editor there were unnecessary geocode API calls being triggered for Event Venue blocks. Moved logic within stateful conditions, now it no longer runs fetch if the address has not actually changed. [TEC-4741]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 6 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[6.0.13] 2023-05-08

  • Fix – Correct issue with event subscriptions not passing events past the first 30. [TEC_4584]
  • Fix – Ensure Events are displayed correctly on Elementor’s Posts widget. [TEC-4685]
  • Fix – Fix a Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in …/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/classes/url-handling/converter/class-wpml-url-cached-converter.php:46 fatal with our WPML integration when filtering Event permalinks for Event views. [TEC-4770]
  • Fix – Fixed an edge case to not inadvertently trash entire Events Pro recurrences. [ECP-1475]
  • Fix – For CT1 in markers the occurrence would sometimes not be the same one found as the date field, only one was filtering by post_status. We were only using provisional_id for CT1, now we fallback to post_id. Now removing options when no occurrences are found, instead of retaining a stale value. [TEC-4768]
  • Fix – Pass a NOOP callback function to Google Maps scripts to prevent JS warnings. [TEC-4762]
  • Fix – Some button style hardening to prevent some common theme global style bleed, namely from Elementor global styles. [TEC-4677]
  • Tweak – Added filter tec_events_event_cleaner_trash_cron_frequency to allow customizing the frequency of the trash old event cron. [ECP-1475]
  • Tweak – Deprecated some event cleaner functionality. When 6.0 data structure is activated the Permanently delete events older than option is disabled, added an adjusted tooltip on the Move to trash events older than event setting regarding EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS. [TEC-4744]
  • Tweak – Ensure the Subscribe to Calendar dropdown toggles on and off on click for an improved user experience. [TEC-4388]
  • Tweak – Ensure we have the ability to hide the Event Tickets Activation notice using the defined( 'TRIBE_HIDE_UPSELL' ) constant. [TEC-4767]
  • Tweak – Updates to tribe_events_delete_old_events_sql_args and tribe_events_delete_old_events_sql filters to support Events Pro recurrence cleanup. [ECP-1475]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_events_known_range_statitec_events_custom_tables_v1_events_only_modifier_before_get_poststec_events_event_cleaner_trash_cron_frequencytec_events_linked_posts_my_posts_post_statustec_events_linked_posts_all_posts_post_statustribe_events_add_canonical_tag
  • Tweak – Added actions: tec_events_custom_tables_v1_fully_activated
  • Tweak – Changed views: blocks/event-tagsblocks/parts/detailsv2/list/event/venue
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 32 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[6.0.12] 2023-04-10

  • Fix – Avoid JS error when using the first compact date display format together with WPML. [TEC-4360]
  • Fix – Build secondary Views navigation links correctly when WPML is active. [TEC-4689]
  • Fix – Build the link to the Events page from the Permalinks settings page correctly. [TEC-4689]
  • Fix – Correctly handle the creation or update of Custom Tables v1 in multisite context. (thanks @jiadil). [BTRIA-1734]
  • Fix – Ensure the link to the Event Tags Archive page is correct when using the Block Editor. [TEC-4716]
  • Fix – Ensure the venue country is displayed in the list view when venues are created through the block editor interface. [TEC-4731]
  • Fix – Fix issue with events post type bleeding in on custom tag queries, instead of only on tag archive page. [TEC-4694]
  • Fix – Fixed a situation where an invalid request header in our pagination would cause some strict security settings to block these AJAX requests. [TEC-4723]
  • Fix – Fixes an edge case where running get_posts() twice with a taxonomy query, would result in an extra where statement added limiting results in an unexpected way. [TEC-4695]
  • Fix – Fixes situation in block editor where a default organizer would not persist after being saved. [ECP-1061]
  • Fix – Make improvements to the canonical tags added to event views to improve compatibility with SEO plugins. [TEC-4693]
  • Fix – Resolve the issue of the WP customizer not loading correctly when the Colbri Page Builder plugin is active. [TEC-4735]
  • Fix – Updates the Monolog repository to use TEC namespacing via Strauss, to provide more compatibility with other plugins. [TEC-4730]
  • Tweak – Added filter: tec_events_custom_tables_v1_events_only_modifier_before_get_posts in our 6.0 query modifier, useful to make changes to the query prior to fetching posts for the selected events. [TEC-4695]
  • Tweak – Added Filters: tec_events_linked_posts_my_posts_post_statustec_events_linked_posts_all_posts_post_status to allow filtering of post status of Linked Posts. [CE-27]
  • Tweak – Ensure we only have a single element in the single events page for improved accessibility. [TEC-3415]
  • Tweak – Fire the tec_events_custom_tables_v1_fully_activated when the Custom Tables v1 implementation is fully loaded. [ET-1495]
  • Tweak – Replace the use of FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING in favour of tec_sanitize_string to improve PHP 8.1 compatibility. [TEC-4666]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_events_custom_tables_v1_events_only_modifier_before_get_poststec_events_linked_posts_my_posts_post_statustec_events_linked_posts_all_posts_post_statustribe_events_add_canonical_tag
  • Tweak – Added actions: tec_events_custom_tables_v1_fully_activated
  • Tweak – Changed views: blocks/event-tagsblocks/parts/detailsv2/list/event/venue
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 82 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[6.0.11] 2023-03-20

  • Fix – Add a default Schema eventStatus value for JSON LD output of events. [TEC-4609]
  • Fix – Avoid fatal error in tribe_events_event_classes when called on events that aren’t assigned to any category. [TEC-4709]
  • Fix – Avoid PHP errors originating from a missing HTML template when the migration to Custom Tables v1 is not required. [ECP-1472]
  • Fix – Correctly display Recurring Event Venue and Organizer details on the front-end and back-end when using WPML. [ECP-1442, ECP-1455]
  • Fix – Display Venue correctly in List-like views when using WPML. [ECP-1443]
  • Fix – Ensure the date tags for recurring events are displayed correctly in the Events List widget. [ECP-1382]
  • Fix – Ensure the Subscribe to Calendar Dropdown opens and closes consistently across all themes. [TEC-4388]
  • Fix – Failures while saving Events from Blocks Editor while using WPML. [ECP-1429]
  • Fix – Fix an issue that stopped the default venue values from populating when submitting a Community Event. [CE-178]
  • Fix – Fix the pagination styling on the Aggregator import preview data table. [TEC-4698]
  • Fix – Link to the correct Occurrence when using CT1 and WPML. [TEC-4632]
  • Fix – Prevent event save processing from being interrupted in cases of partial WPML activation where a language code is missing. [ECP-1442]
  • Fix – Prevent fatal on PHP 8+ during generation of the activation report when issues exist.
  • Fix – Prevent fatal on PHP 8+ for tribe_get_event_cat_slugs with bad typing around array_filter [TEC-4725]
  • Fix – Prevent PHP 8.0+ fatal around iCal exporting with param not being array [TEC-4726]
  • Tweak – Add empty alt tag to featured images across all views when a user doesn’t explicitly define one to improve SEO. [ECP-1454]
  • Tweak – Ensure all instances of the tribe_get_events_title filter have matching signatures. [TEC-3929]
  • Tweak – Modified single-event.php to use tribe_get_formatted_cost instead of tribe_get_cost to display the event cost. [TEC-4699]
  • Tweak – Update the datepicker label on list-style views to Upcoming when no events are found. [TEC-3960]
  • Tweak – Removed actions: tribe_log
  • Tweak – Changed views: single-eventv2/day/event/featured-imagev2/latest-past/event/featured-imagev2/list/event/featured-imagev2/month/calendar-body/day/calendar-events/calendar-event/featured-imagev2/month/calendar-body/day/calendar-events/calendar-event/tooltip/featured-imagev2/month/mobile-events/mobile-day/mobile-event/featured-imagev2/widgets/widget-events-list/event/date-tag
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 24 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[6.0.10] 2023-02-22

  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.0.10 is only compatible with Events Calendar PRO 6.0.9 and higher
  • Tweak – PHP version compatibility bumped to PHP 7.4
  • Tweak – Version Composer updated to 2
  • Tweak – Version Node updated to 18.13.0
  • Tweak – Version NPM update to 8.19.3
  • Tweak – Reduce JavaScript bundle sizes for Blocks editor

[6.0.9] 2023-02-09

  • Feature: Add a notice with install functionality for Event Tickets. [TEC-4663]
  • Fix – Added safeguard against the rewrite_rules_array filter being passed non-array values, more error checking in WPML integration. [TEC-4679]
  • Fix – Updating some button styles to be more compatible with global button styles, such as Elementor global styling. [TEC-4653]
  • Fix – Ensure custom tables data is correctly updated when duplicating an Event using WPML. [TEC-4651]
  • Fix – Ensure the zoom level set under Events → Settings → Display → Google Maps default zoom level is applied to the single events page. [TEC-4634]
  • Fix – Ensure the code will work correctly when the Events’ category taxonomy is unregistered. [TEC-4664]
  • Fix – Change the type of the date-related custom tables date fields to VARCHAR to avoid warnings on stricter SQL modes. [TEC-4536]
  • Fix – Add logic to our template tags to handle non-string returns from get_the_terms_list() [TEC-4664]
  • Tweak – Add support for opt-in direct deletion of EA older records using the tec_event_aggregator_direct_record_deletion filter or setting the TEC_EVENT_AGGREGATOR_RECORDS_PURGE_DIRECT_DELETION constant. [EA-446]
  • Tweak – Ensure all Google Map iframes have a title attribute to improve accessibility. [TEC-4243]
  • Tweak – Allow filtering the redirected nature of a Views v2 request using the tec_events_views_v2_redirected filter. [TEC-4511]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_event_aggregator_direct_record_deletiontec_event_aggregator_direct_record_deletion_batch_sizetec_events_views_v2_redirected
  • Tweak – Changed views: modules/map-basic
  • Language – 6 new strings added, 125 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[6.0.8] 2023-01-26

  • Fix – Modifications to custom tables registration to ensure all sites get the new 6.0 table schema, preventing 404 and other related issues. [TEC-4631]
  • Fix – Prevent Yoast SEO 19.2 notice due to integration with The Events Calendar [TEC-4662]
  • Feature – Add Event Automator to Add-ons page. [TEC-4660]
  • Language – 5 new strings added, 171 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 8 obsoleted.

[] 2023-01-19

  • Fix – Prevent fatal when using The Events Calendar with Event Tickets due to Common library not being updated.

[6.0.7] 2023-01-18

  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.0.7 is only compatible with Events Calendar PRO 6.0.6 and higher
  • Fix – Event repository filters, when passing UTC dates on non-UTC event date fields, when using Condense Event Series showing tomorrow’s event instead of today’s. [ECP-1423]
  • Fix – Resolve problem with relative dates on REST endpoint for event creation. Dates would potentially cross timezones that would push to an incorrect day due to using the wrong timezone.
  • Fix – Prevent Update page from display on minor updates, only for major updates and feature updates. [TEC-4589]
  • Fix – Compatibility with Redis Object Cache plugin that would cause Events not be editable in the Blocks Editor. [TEC-4613]
  • Fix – Avoid user locale overriding the site locale during rewrite rules generation. [TEC-3733]
  • Fix – Correct logic for tribe_is_view functions to account for default view. [TEC-4586]
  • Fix – Avoid the issue of events which have venues assigned not being able to be updated successfully on some browsers. [TEC-4596]
  • Fix – Handle the case where rewrite rules map to arrays avoiding fatal errors. [TEC-4567]
  • Fix – Prevent primary cause of MySQL Deadlock errors in 6.0 event migration and added Deadlock error catching in our lock/fetch event queue. [TEC-4548]
  • Fix – Avoid running slow query for adjacent events when possible. [TEC-4633]
  • Fix – Ensure we did not get an error object back when requesting event category. [TEC-4619]
  • Fix – Fix the issue of an invalid property error notice being thrown while visiting the Attendee Registration page as an admin. [TEC-4608]
  • Fix – Resolve compatibility issue between Yoast SEO and FacetWP. [TEC-4628]
  • Fix – Resolve the issue where tribe_is_upcoming() and other conditionals were not working as expected. [TEC-4301]
  • Tweak – Convert all uses of (view)->get_slug() to (view)::get_view_slug(). [TEC-4586]
  • Tweak – Change some labelling of event settings in the admin. [TEC-4626]
  • Tweak – Reorganize a few Event settings in the admin. [TEC-4627]
  • Tweak – Add canonical tag to the head of all calendar views to prevent Google and other search engines from indexing URLs with custom URL parameters. [TEC-4538]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_events_views_v2_{$view_slug}_view_html_classestribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_template_varstribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_urltribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_prev_urltribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_next_urltribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_link_label_formattribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_titletribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_messagestribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_breadcrumbstribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_display_events_bartribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_show_datepicker_submittribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_public_viewstribe_events_views_v2_{$view_slug}_view_container_datatribe_events_views_v2_{$view_slug}_show_latest_past_events_viewtribe_events_views_v2_{$view_slug}_events_per_daytribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_breakpoint_pointertribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_breakpointstribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_cached_htmltribe_events_views_v2_{$view_slug}_widget_repository_argstribe_events_views_v2_{$view_slug}_widget_compatibility_classestribe_events_views_v2_{$view_slug}_widget_html_classestec_events_view_{$view_slug}_today_button_labeltec_is_viewtec_is_{$view_slug}_view
  • Tweak – Removed filters: tribe_events_views_v2_{$this->get_slug()}_view_html_classestribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_template_varstribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_urltribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_prev_urltribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_next_urltribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_link_label_formattribe_events_views_v2_view_{$slug}_titletribe_events_views_v2_view_{$slug}_messagestribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_breadcrumbstribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_display_events_bartribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_show_datepicker_submittribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_public_viewstribe_events_views_v2_{$this->get_slug()}_view_container_datatribe_events_views_v2_{$this->get_slug()}_show_latest_past_events_viewtec_events_views_v2_{$this->slug}_view_global_repository_argstribe_events_views_v2_{$this->slug}_events_per_daytribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_breakpoint_pointertribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_breakpointstribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_cached_htmltribe_events_views_v2_{$this->get_slug()}_widget_repository_argstribe_events_views_v2_{$this->get_slug()}_widget_compatibility_classestribe_events_views_v2_{$this->get_slug()}_widget_html_classestec_events_view_{$view_slug}_today_button_title

[] 2022-12-16

  • Fix – Fix layout issues with Avada, Divi, and similar themes. [TEC-4623]

[] 2022-12-14

  • Fix – Avoid fatal error in the tribe_is_events_front_page when called before global query object is initialized. [BTRIA-1556]

[6.0.6] 2022-12-14

  • Fix – Resolved a migration state problem in the view not being handled properly when preview is unsupported and a migration error happens simultaneously. [TEC-4482]
  • Fix – Prevent a couple scenarios that would cause 404 pages on events. This addresses both an error from UTC offset validation failures and an issue where table renaming improperly created foreign keys that pointed to an invalid constraint target. [TEC-4578]
  • Fix – Avoid query filtering issues where the Event post type would be incorrectly added to queries. [TEC-4588]
  • Fix – Incorrect results when including Events in the main blog loop. [TEC-4474]
  • Fix – Avoid errors when third-party plugins reference or use the Tribe__Events__Query::pre_get_posts method. [TEC-4540]
  • Fix – Prevent Serializable interface deprecated error in PHP 8.1 when migrating events. [ECP-1319]
  • Fix – Ensure the Previous Events button when using the Event View Elementor widget navigates correctly to the previous page. [FBAR-273]
  • Fix – Ensure that when we hit a single-event ical endpoint we get a the correct single event. [TEC-4469]
  • Fix – Avoid PHP fatal error on PHP 8.0+ in some settings’ pages when setting the front page to the Main Events Page. [BTRIA-1545]
  • Tweak – Add aria label to Google Maps iFrame embed to improve accessibility. [TEC-4404]
  • Tweak – Prevent unbound query for previous URL on list based views, improving performance.
  • Tweak – Additional views setup no longer run extra Database Query unnecessarily, improving performance.
  • Tweak – Improve performance on the Settings page when dealing with a big dataset of events.
  • Tweak – Improve performance on the tribe_events() and on the Event Views by removing an unnecessary JOIN for hiding of specific upcoming events.
  • Tweak – Changed views: modules/map-basic
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 17 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[6.0.5] 2022-11-29

  • Fix – Fix for scenarios where fatal Call to a member function get() on null in... the-events-calendar/src/Tribe/Query.php(46) would occur when $wp_query global was not set. [TEC-4566]
  • Fix – Add correct text domains to the Organizer block. [TEC-4466]
  • Fix – Fix for stuck migrations when duplicate meta exists. [TEC-4547]
  • Tweak – Added ability to filter v2 repository args on all View queries. [ECP-1372]
  • Tweak – Reorganize the General and Display settings tab content. [TCMN-149]
  • Tweak – New headers for the General and Display settings tabs. [TEC-4573]
  • Tweak – Add view upsells for ECP on the settings display tab. [TEC-4572]
  • Tweak – Add settings info boxes. [TEC-4574]
  • Fix – Avoid issues when trying to import some .ics format files with Event Aggregator. [EA-461]
  • Deprecation – Tribe__Events__Editor__Compatibility::$blocks_editor_hidden_field_key.
  • Deprecation – Tribe__Events__Main::do_addons_api_settings_tab()Tribe__Events__Main::show_upgrade(),
    Tribe__Events__Main::do_upgrade_tab(), Tribe__Events__Main::general_settings_tab_fields(),
    Tribe__Events__Main::display_settings_tab_fields(), Tribe__Events__Main::tribe_settings_url().
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_events_custom_tables_v1_query_modifier_applies_to_querytec_events_display_settings_tab_fieldstribe_general_settings_tab_fields
  • Language – 118 new strings added, 287 updated, 10 fuzzied, and 88 obsoleted.

[6.0.4] 2022-11-15

  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.0.4 is only compatible with Events Calendar PRO 6.0.3 and higher
  • Feature – Include Yoast WordPress SEO OpenGraph integration. [TEC-4558][TEC-4561]
  • Fix – Fix for fatal when adding Featured Venue Events widget on Appearance -> Widgets screen. [ECP-1411]
  • Fix – Fix for fatal error on Series page in PHP 7.3. [TEC-4549]
  • Fix – Prevent error around Free regular expression for JSON-LD on updated views. Props @jonkastonka @saleck @randon [TEC-4570]
  • Fix – Avoid fatal error when using PHP version 8.0 or above and the HyperDB plugin. [ECP-1360]
  • Fix – Ensure view labels are translated appropriately. [TEC-4485]
  • Fix – Errors and warnings in installations due to empty query results. [TEC-4543]
  • Fix – Translation of Event Occurrences URL when using WPML and the Custom Tables V1 implementation. [ECP-1373]
  • Fix – More robust type checking in Builder methods. [ECP-1402]
  • Fix – Avoid orderby related database error in Custom Tables V1 context. [TEC-4555]
  • Fix – Prevent error when updating Venue in sites using object cache. [TEC-4348]
  • Fix – Prevent date format error when trying to subscribe to calendar in sites using object cache. [TEC-4459]
  • Tweak – Clean up the Event Website block to make it more intuitive for users. [TEC-4352]
  • Tweak – Update the venue website field to type URL. [TEC-4349]
  • Tweak – Do not add date-based ordering to queries when using none or rand order. [TEC-4555]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_events_integrations_should_loadtec_events_integrations_{$type}_should_loadtec_events_integrations_{$type}_{$slug}_should_loadtec_events_integrations_{$integration_type}_{$integration_slug}_events_schema_is_neededtec_events_integrations_{$integration_type}_{$integration_slug}_json_ld_{$type}_datatec_events_views_v2_view_labeltec_events_views_v2_{$slug}_view_label
  • Tweak – Removed filters: tribe_events_viewstribe_events_views_v2_manager_view_label_domaintribe_events_views_v2_manager_{$slug}_view_label_domaintribe_events_views_v2_manager_view_labeltribe_events_views_v2_manager_{$slug}_view_label
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 144 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted.

[] 2022-11-03

  • Fix – Correct issues where early queries can interfere with View template redirects. [TEC-4554]
  • Fix – Serialization and unserialization issues related to caching of post models. [TEC-4379]
  • Fix – Prevent default WordPress occurrence query caching because we cache it ourselves. [TEC-4379]
  • Tweak – Add the tribe_get_venue_object_after and tribe_get_organizer_object_after filters. [TEC-4379]

[6.0.3] 2022-10-31

  • Fix – Handle repository query filters correctly in custom tables context; fix a REST API issue. [ET-1567]

[6.0.2] 2022-10-20

  • Feature – Add initial integration with Restrict Content Pro. This hides any events on the calendar views that the user is not allowed to view. [ [TEC-4457]]
  • Feature – Support the strict_dates REST API argument in the /events endpoint to control the inclusiveness of the date parameters. [TEC-4493]
  • Feature – Support relative date parameters (e.g: starts_beforeends_after as REST API arguments in the /events endpoint to retrieve single day and multi-day events in a single search. [TEC-4493]
  • Fix – Prevent problems with Memcache turning Event Single Pages into 404s after the first visit [TEC-4488]
  • Fix – Add new function to properly escape event titles in URLs so they are better handled by rewrite rules. Props to @shisho585 for the fix! [TEC-4518]
  • Fix – Avoid resetting post data in some Dive theme and plugins. [TEC-4510]
  • Fix – Correct a few misnamed custom prop references. [TEC-4445]
  • Fix – Correct an issue with event venue when saving in our WPML integration. Props to @dgwatkins for the fix! [TEC-4498]
  • Fix – Correctly deprecate the Tribe__Events__Main::get_closest_event method. [ECP-1326]
  • Fix – Correctly set found_posts and max_num_pages when redirecting a query to the custom tables. [TEC-4508]
  • Fix – Do not run wasteful queries on switch_blog in multi-site installations. [TEC-4492]
  • Fix – Do not throw errors during migration when notices or errors come from other plugins. [ECP-1318]
  • Fix – Ensure tribe_is_month and tribe_is_by_date work as expected. [TEC-4509]
  • Fix – Ensure we handle if By_Day_View gets a null $event_obj->dates. Props to @juliangumenita for the fix! [TEC-4509]
  • Fix – Remove strict type hinting from Custom Tables v1 code that would cause fatals in some environments. [ECP-1343]
  • Fix – Resolve problems with tribe_get_full_address() which was not properly returning venue address.
  • Fix – Restore erroneously removed Events query filters that would result in out-of-order results. [TEC-4470]
  • Fix – Revert the code erroneous removed on legacy views removal around the “Show events with the site’s other posts” setting.
  • Fix – Prevent a potential fatal when WP-CLI isn’t present. [TEC-4470]
  • Tweak – Move Month View day cell class logic to a standalone function with filters. [TEC-4457]
  • Tweak – Add new method: \Tribe\Events\Views\V2\month_day_classes [TEC-4457]
  • Tweak – Added filter tec_events_month_day_classes_comparison_date to filter the date used for class determination comparisons. [TEC-4457]
  • Tweak – Added filter tec_events_month_day_classes to filter the actual class list before it gets passed to the template. [TEC-4457]
  • Tweak – Update the organizer website field to type URL. [TEC-4395]
  • Tweak – Add an event property for if the event is currently happening. [TEC-4454]
  • Tweak – Create a filterable function tec_events_get_today_button_label() for the text on the “Today” button on calendar views. [TEC-4458]
  • Tweak – Add a filter for the link title and aria-label so they match the button text more closely. [TEC-4458]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_events_today_button_label and tec_events_view_{view_slug}_today_button_label to filter the output of the tec_events_get_today_button_label function
    tec_events_today_button_title and tec_events_{view_slug}_view_today_button_title to filter the link title and aria-label. [TEC-4458]
  • Tweak – Speed up the Custom Tables v1 migration process if a browser window is open on the migration UI. [TEC-4517]
  • Language – 11 new strings added, 149 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted.

[] 2022-09-29

  • Fix – Prevent Google Calendar duplicated Events from Importing with Aggregator. [TEC-4497]

[6.0.1] 2022-09-22

  • Fix – Prevent network deactivation from overwriting the subsite settings with main site cached settings. [TEC-3738]
  • Fix – Correct some translation domains pointing to the wrong plugin. [TEC-4450]
  • Fix – Ensure the details in the single event page are accurate for Divi users who set any Divi template under Settings → Events template. [TEC-3814]
  • Fix – Add caching to prevent duplicated queries for translated venue/organizer values. props to @dgwatkins for the suggested fix! [TEC-4428]
  • Fix – Check the document for lang and rtl attributes and pass them on to the datepicker so it adapts properly. [TEC-4452]
  • Fix – Corrected an issue where the Organizer Block was showing the “Add Another Organizer” button when no organizers were selected. [CE-11]
  • Fix – Corrected an issue where the “Edit Venue” and “Edit Organizer” links were displaying with no link. [CE-165]
  • Fix – Correct migration error when The Events Calendar PRO is not active. [TEC-4475]
  • Fix – Normalize, reformat and rebuild Event date-related meta to fix a number of migration preview failures [ECP-1304]
  • Fix – Correct a problem with moving tickets when The Events Calendar PRO is not active. [TEC-4471]
  • Fix – Correct an issue with migrating past events that straddle Daylight Savings Time. [ECP-1270]
  • Fix – Fix the Community Events recurrence link. [ECP-1215]
  • Tweak – Add some helpful knowledgebase article links to the CSV import screen. [TEC-4353]
  • Tweak – Ensure the Fast-forward link uses the correct, customizable color as other links. [TEC-3962]
  • Tweak – Include Custom Tables Migration in the Support System Information array. [ECP-1316]
  • Tweak – Add compatibility for new “Convert to single” option in The Events Calendar PRO. [ECP-1308]
  • Language – 5 new strings added, 163 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2022-09-07

  • Fix – Prevent E_ERROR from showing up when calling tribe_context()->is( 'is_main_query' ) too early in execution. [TEC-4464]

[6.0.0] 2022-09-06

  • Version – The Events Calendar 6.0.0 is only compatible with Events Calendar PRO 6.0.0 and higher
  • Feature – Custom tables and optimization of Cache Primers to enable reduced and stabilized number of queries on Event views.
  • Feature – Inclusion of Event Occurrences custom table {$prefix}_tec_occurrences.
  • Feature – Inclusion of Events custom table {$prefix}_tec_events.
  • Tweak – Legacy views are now fully deprecated and most of the template files and code was removed, please see other changelog items to see modifications.
  • Language – 123 new strings added, 296 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 161 obsoleted
  • Tweak – Methods marked as deprecated: Tribe__Events__Main::add_new_organizerTribe__Events__Main::default_viewTribe__Events__Main::fullAddressTribe__Events__Main::fullAddressStringTribe__Events__Main::getDateStringShortenedTribe__Events__Main::getPostTypesTribe__Events__Main::googleCalendarLinkTribe__Events__Main::googleMapLinkTribe__Events__Main::monthNamesTribe__Events__Main::nextMonthTribe__Events__Main::previousMonthTribe__Events__Main::setDisplay
  • Tweak – Functions moved to src/functions/template-tags/deprecatedtribe_events_the_header_attributestribe_get_next_day_datetribe_get_previous_day_date
  • Tweak – Functions/methods refactored: tribe_events_is_view_enabledtribe_is_ajax_view_requesttribe_meta_event_category_name
  • Tweak – Functions/Methods Removed: tribe_get_list_widget_eventsTribe__Events__Main::register_list_widgetTribe__Events__Main::init_day_viewTribe__Events__Main::eventQueryVarsTribe__Events__Main::ecpActiveTribe__Events__Main::dateHelperTribe__Events__Main::dateToTimeStampTribe__Events__Main::defaultValueReplaceEnabledTribe__Events__Main::addHelpAdminMenuItemTribe__Events__Main::getNoticesTribe__Events__Main::removeNoticeTribe__Events__Main::isNoticeTribe__Events__Main::setNoticeTribe__Events__Main::renderDebugTribe__Events__Main::debugTribe__Events__Main::truncateTribe__Events__Main::saveAllTabsHiddenTribe__Events__Main::doNetworkSettingTabTribe__Events__Main::addNetworkOptionsPageTribe__Events__Main::setNetworkOptionsTribe__Events__Main::getNetworkOptionTribe__Events__Main::getNetworkOptionsTribe__Events__Main::setOptionTribe__Events__Main::setOptionsTribe__Events__Main::getOptionTribe__Events__Main::getOptionsTribe__Events__Main::getTagRewriteSlugTribe__Events__Main::getTaxRewriteSlugTribe__Events__Main::doHelpTabTribe__Events__Main::doSettingTabsTribe__Events__Main::array_insert_before_keyTribe__Events__Main::array_insert_after_keyTribe__Events__Main::add_post_type_to_edit_term_linkTribe__Events__Main::prepare_to_fix_tagcloud_linksTribe__Events__Main::saved_organizers_dropdownTribe__Events__Main::saved_venues_dropdownTribe__Events__Main::set_meta_factory_globalTribe__Events__Main::initOptionsTribe__Events__Main::loadTextDomainTribe__Events__Main::commonTribe__Events__Main::issue_noindexTribe__Events__Main::displayEventOrganizerDropdownTribe__Events__Main::displayEventVenueDropdownTribe__Events__Main::checkAddOnCompatibilityTribe__Events__Main::maybe_delay_activation_if_outdated_commonTribe__Events__Main::is_delayed_activationTribe__Events__Main::get_event_linkTribe__Events__Main::get_closest_eventTribe__Events__Main::setPostExceptionThrownTribe__Events__Main::getPostExceptionThrownTribe__Events__Main::manage_preview_metapostTribe__Events__Main::setDashiconTribe__Events__Main::printLocalizedAdminTribe__Events__Main::localizeAdminTribe__Events__Main::asset_fixesTribe__Events__Main::add_admin_assetsTribe__Events__Main::loadStyleTribe__Events__Main::enqueue_wp_admin_menu_styleTribe__Events__Main::get_closest_event_whereTribe__Events__Main::setup_listview_in_barTribe__Events__Main::setup_gridview_in_barTribe__Events__Main::setup_dayview_in_barTribe__Events__Main::setup_date_search_in_barTribe__Events__Main::remove_hidden_viewsTribe__Events__Main::setup_keyword_search_in_barTribe__Events__Main::OrganizerMetaBoxTribe__Events__Main::VenueMetaBoxTribe__Events__Main::EventsChooserBoxTribe__Events__Main::normalize_organizer_submissionTribe__Events__Main::get_i18n_strings_for_domainsTribe__Events__Main::get_i18n_stringsTribe__Events__Main::redirect_past_upcoming_view_urlsTribe__Events__Main::getOrganizerPostTypeArgsTribe__Events__Main::getVenuePostTypeArgsTribe__Events__Main::disable_proTribe__Events__Main::template_redirectTribe__Events__Main::handle_submit_bar_redirectTribe__Events__Main::print_noindex_metaTribe__Events__Query::initTribe__Events__Query::parse_queryTribe__Events__Query::pre_get_postsTribe__Events__Query::default_page_on_frontTribe__Events__Query::multi_type_posts_fieldsTribe__Events__Query::posts_joinTribe__Events__Query::posts_fieldsTribe__Events__Query::posts_resultsTribe__Events__Query::posts_whereTribe__Events__Query::posts_orderby_venue_organizerTribe__Events__Query::posts_join_venue_organizerTribe__Events__Query::posts_distinctTribe__Events__Query::posts_orderbyTribe__Events__Query::set_orderbyTribe__Events__Query::set_orderTribe__Events__Query::getHideFromUpcomingEventsTribe__Events__Query::getEventCountsTribe__Events__Query::last_found_eventsTribe__Events__Query::postmeta_tableTribe__Events__Query::can_inject_date_fieldTribe__Events__Query::should_remove_date_filtersTribe\Events\Views\V2\Widgets\Service_Provider::unregister_list_widgettribe_include_view_listtribe_events_month_has_events_filteredtribe_events_the_month_single_event_classestribe_events_the_month_day_classestribe_events_get_current_month_daytribe_events_get_current_weektribe_events_the_month_daytribe_events_have_month_daystribe_show_monthtribe_get_dropdown_link_prefixtribe_events_get_filterstribe_events_get_viewsTribe__Events__Template__Single_Event::setup_metaTribe__Events__Template_Factory::asset_packageTribe__Events__Template_Factory::get_asset_factory_instanceTribe__Events__Template_Factory::handle_asset_package_requestTribe__Events__Template_Factory::setup_metatribe_initialize_viewTribe__Events__Templates::initTribe__Events__Templates::instantiate_template_classTribe__Events__Templates::load_ecp_comments_page_templateTribe__Events__Templates::load_ecp_into_page_templateTribe__Events__Templates::maybe_modify_global_post_titleTribe__Events__Templates::maybeSpoofQueryTribe__Events__Templates::modify_global_post_titleTribe__Events__Templates::restore_global_post_titleTribe__Events__Templates::setup_ecp_templateTribe__Events__Templates::showInLoopsTribe__Events__Templates::spoof_the_postTribe__Events__Templates::templateChooserTribe__Events__Templates::theme_body_classTribe__Events__Templates::add_singular_body_classTribe__Events__Templates::get_current_page_templateTribe__Events__Templates::needs_compatibility_fixTribe__Events__Templates::remove_singular_body_classTribe__Events__Templates::restoreQueryTribe__Events__Templates::spoof_the_postTribe__Events__Templates::template_body_classTribe__Events__Templates::wpHeadFinishedevent_grid_viewget_event_google_map_linkevent_google_map_linktec_get_event_addresstec_event_addresstec_address_existsget_event_google_map_embedevent_google_map_embedget_jump_to_date_calendarthe_event_start_datethe_event_end_datethe_event_costthe_event_venuethe_event_countrythe_event_addressthe_event_citythe_event_statethe_event_provincethe_event_zipthe_event_phonethe_event_regionthe_event_all_dayis_new_event_dayget_eventstribe_event_linkevents_displaying_pastevents_displaying_upcomingevents_displaying_monthevents_get_past_linkevents_get_upcoming_linkevents_get_next_month_linkevents_get_previous_month_linkevents_get_events_linkevents_get_gridview_linkevents_get_listview_linkevents_get_listview_past_linkevents_get_previous_month_textevents_get_current_month_textevents_get_next_month_textevents_get_displayed_monthevents_get_this_month_linksp_get_optionsp_calendar_gridsp_calendar_mini_gridsp_sort_by_monthsp_is_eventsp_get_map_linksp_the_map_linksp_get_full_addresssp_the_full_addresssp_address_existssp_get_embedded_mapsp_the_embedded_mapsp_month_year_dropdownssp_get_start_datesp_get_end_datesp_get_costsp_has_organizersp_get_organizersp_get_organizer_emailsp_get_organizer_websitesp_get_organizer_linksp_get_organizer_phonesp_has_venuesp_get_venuesp_get_countrysp_get_addresssp_get_citysp_get_stateprovincesp_get_statesp_get_provincesp_get_zipsp_get_phonesp_previous_event_linksp_next_event_linksp_post_id_helpersp_is_new_event_daysp_get_eventssp_is_pastsp_is_upcomingsp_is_monthsp_get_past_linksp_get_upcoming_linksp_get_next_month_linksp_get_previous_month_linksp_get_month_view_datesp_get_single_ical_linksp_get_events_linksp_get_gridview_linksp_get_listview_linksp_get_listview_past_linksp_get_dropdown_link_prefixsp_get_ical_linksp_get_previous_month_textsp_get_current_month_textsp_get_next_month_textsp_get_displayed_monthsp_get_this_month_linksp_get_regionsp_get_all_daysp_is_multidaysp_events_titlesp_meta_event_catssp_meta_event_category_namesp_get_add_to_gcal_linkeventsGetOptionValueevents_by_monthis_eventgetEventMetatribe_events_event_recurring_info_tooltiptribe_the_map_linktribe_the_embedded_maptribe_the_full_addresstribe_get_organizer_websitetribe_get_venue_permalinktribe_previous_event_linktribe_next_event_linkdisplay_day_titledisplay_daytribe_meta_event_catstribe_get_all_daytribe_is_multidaytribe_calendar_gridtribe_calendar_mini_gridtribe_sort_by_monthtribe_month_year_dropdownstribe_get_this_month_linktribe_get_displayed_monthtribe_get_display_day_titletribe_the_display_daytribe_get_display_daytribe_get_object_property_from_arraytribe_mini_display_daytribe_event_format_datetribe_event_beginning_of_daytribe_event_end_of_daytribe_events_the_noticestribe_get_the_day_link_datetribe_get_the_day_link_labeltribe_the_day_linktribe_get_linked_daytribe_events_disabled_viewstribe_events_enabled_viewstribe_events_template_datatribe_get_ticket_formtribe_map_cost_array_callbacktribe_events_get_days_of_weektribe_is_community_my_events_pagetribe_display_current_events_slugtribe_display_current_single_event_slugtribe_display_current_ical_linktribe_is_new_event_day
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_events_custom_tables_v1_upgrade_beforetec_events_custom_tables_v1_upgrade_aftertec_events_custom_tables_v1_should_render_maintenance_modaltec_events_custom_tables_v1_migration_ajax_ui_renderertec_events_custom_tables_v1_migration_strategytec_events_custom_tables_v1_delete_meta_keystec_events_custom_tables_v1_migration_strategy_text_override_$actiontec_events_custom_tables_v1_migration_event_report_categoriestec_events_custom_tables_v1_migration_get_plugin_state_migration_addendumtec_events_custom_tables_v1_event_data_from_posttec_custom_tables_{$this->table}_model_v1_extensionstec_events_custom_tables_v1_normalize_occurrence_idtec_events_custom_tables_v1_occurrences_generatortec_custom_tables_v1_get_occurrence_matchtec_events_custom_tables_v1_enabledtec_events_custom_tables_v1_table_schemastec_events_custom_tables_v1_field_schemastec_events_custom_tables_v1_tables_to_droptec_events_custom_tables_v1_fields_to_droptec_events_custom_tables_v1_db_transactions_supportedtec_events_custom_tables_v1_should_update_custom_tablestec_events_custom_tables_v1_commit_post_updatestec_events_custom_tables_v1_updated_posttec_events_custom_tables_v1_deleted_posttec_events_custom_tables_v1_redirect_post_locationtribe_events_known_range_statitec_events_custom_tables_v1_request_factory_post_id_keystec_events_custom_tables_v1_custom_tables_query_varstec_events_custom_tables_v1_occurrence_select_fieldstec_events_custom_tables_v1_custom_tables_query_wheretec_events_custom_tables_v1_meta_key_redirection_maptec_events_custom_tables_v1_show_series_titletec_events_custom_tables_v1_series_marker_label_classestribe_events_assets_should_enqueue_admin_update_page_assetstec_events_custom_tables_v1_blocks_editor_event_metatribe_events_linked_posts_should_render_meta_boxtec_events_upgrade_tab_has_contenttec_events_prime_cache_post_idstec_events_get_current_viewtribe_get_venue_website_link_targettribe_get_venue_website_link_labeltribe_events_settings_default_fields_initializer
  • Tweak – Removed filters: aggregator_should_load_scriptstribe-events-bar-should-showwidget_titletribe_events_tribe_events_widget_jsonld_enabledtec_events_default_viewtribe_events_get_{$mode}_event_linktribe_events_get_closest_eventtribe_events_get_event_linktribe-events-bar-date-search-default-valuetribe_events_bar_date_search_default_valuetribe_bar_datepicker_captiontribe_tec_addonstribe_add_on_compatibility_errorstribe_display_event_venue_dropdown_idtribe_display_event_organizer_dropdown_idtribe_events_category_rewrite_slugtribe_events_tag_rewrite_slugthe_contenttribe_events_suppress_query_filterstribe_query_can_inject_date_fieldtec_events_query_default_viewtribe_events_query_include_start_date_metatribe_events_query_include_childrentribe_events_query_posts_fieldstribe_events_query_force_local_tztribe_events_query_posts_joinstribe_events_query_end_date_columntribe_events_query_posts_orderbytribe_events_query_posts_join_orderbytribe_events_query_posts_join_venue_organizertribe_events_hide_from_upcoming_idstribe_events_month_day_limittribe_enable_recurring_event_queriestribe_events_day_view_titletribe_events_day_timeslot_formattribe_events_ajax_responsetribe_upcoming_events_titletribe_past_events_titletribe_events_listview_ajax_get_event_argstribe_events_listview_ajax_event_displaytribe_events_month_view_transient_expirationtribe_month_grid_view_titletribe_events_this_month_titletribe_events_month_get_events_in_monthtribe_events_month_daily_eventstribe_events_month_daily_events_query_argstribe_themes_compatibility_fixestribe_set_global_post_titletribe_events_current_template_classtribe_event_meta_event_datetribe_event_meta_event_categorytribe_event_meta_event_tagtribe_event_meta_event_websitetribe_events_display_event_origintribe_event_meta_event_origintribe_event_meta_organizer_nametribe_event_meta_organizer_emailtribe_event_meta_venue_nametribe_event_meta_venue_address_gmaptribe_event_meta_venue_addresstribe_event_meta_venue_maptribe_events_kill_responsivetribe_events_stylesheet_urltribe_importer_urltribe_events_hide_legacy_importstribe_events_import_type_titles_maptribe_events_import_options_rowstribe_events_import_options_default_selectedtribe-import-tabstribe_import_tabstribe_events_csv_batch_sizetribe-import-available-optionstribe_import_available_optionstribe-import-setting-tribe_import_setting_tribe_import_default_post_status_non_savedtribe_import_default_post_statustribe_import_possible_statitribe_import_default_encode_status_non_savedtribe_import_default_encode_statustribe_import_encoding_statustribe_meta_factory_check_existstribe_meta_factory_get_argstribe_meta_factory_templatetribe_get_linked_daytribe_the_day_linktribe_event_linktribe_get_organizer_websitetribe_previous_event_linktribe_next_event_linktribe_meta_event_catstribe_get_all_daytribe_is_multidaytribe_get_ticket_formtribe-events-bar-filterstribe_is_new_event_daytribe_events_get_current_month_daytribe_events_the_month_day_classtribe_events_the_month_single_event_classestribe_events_month_has_events_filteredtribe_get_dropdown_link_prefixtribe_get_list_widget_eventstribe_events_views_v2_is_enabledtribe_events_views_v2_should_smart_activatetribe_events_views_v2_use_period_repositorytribe_events_widgets_v2_is_enabledtribe_events_single_view_v2_is_enabledtec_events_views_v1_should_display_deprecated_noticetribe_events_day_view_event_typetribe_default_events_template_classestribe_events_list_view_event_typetribe_events_list_widget_thumbnail_sizetribe_events_list_widget_featured_image_link
  • Tweak – Added actions: tec_events_custom_tables_v1_errortribe_logtec_events_custom_tables_v1_migration_maintenance_modetec_events_custom_tables_v1_before_migration_appliedtec_events_custom_tables_v1_migration_before_canceltec_events_custom_tables_v1_migration_after_canceltec_events_custom_tables_v1_migration_completedtec_events_custom_tables_v1_after_insert_occurrencestec_events_custom_tables_v1_after_save_occurrencestec_events_custom_tables_v1_after_update_occurrencestec_events_custom_tables_v1_pre_drop_tablestec_events_custom_tables_v1_post_drop_tablestec_events_custom_tables_v1_pre_drop_fieldstec_events_custom_tables_v1_post_drop_fieldstec_events_custom_tables_v1_request_after_insert_eventtec_events_custom_tables_v1_request_after_update_eventtec_events_custom_tables_v1_update_post_beforetec_events_custom_tables_v1_update_post_aftertec_events_custom_tables_v1_delete_posttec_events_custom_tables_v1_after_insert_eventtec_events_custom_tables_v1_after_update_eventtec_events_custom_tables_v1_redirect_classic_editor_event_posttec_events_custom_tables_v1_redirect_rest_event_posttec_events_custom_tables_v1_custom_tables_query_pre_get_poststec_events_custom_tables_v1_custom_tables_query_resultstec_events_custom_tables_v1_{$modifier_class}_donetec_events_views_v2_after_get_eventstribe_events_single_meta_details_section_after_datetime
  • Tweak – Removed actions: tribe-events-bar-enqueue-scriptstribe_events_widget_rendertribe_events_before_list_widgettribe_events_list_widget_before_the_titletribe_events_list_widget_after_the_titletribe_events_after_list_widgettribe_events_pre_get_poststribe_events_set_month_view_events_from_cachetribe_events_calendar_loop_endtribe_tec_template_choosertribe_events_filter_the_page_titletribe-import-render-tab-tribe_import_render_tab_tribe_events_csv_import_completetribe_import_options_updatedtribe_meta_factory_registertribe_pre_initialize_viewtribe_events_before_event_template_data_date_displaytribe_events_after_event_template_data_date_displaytribe_events_before_show_monthtribe_events_after_show_monthtribe_events_before_templatetribe_events_after_templatetribe_events_before_headertribe_events_before_header_navtribe_events_after_header_navtribe_events_after_headertribe_events_before_looptribe_events_after_looptribe_events_before_footertribe_events_before_footer_navtribe_events_after_footer_navtribe_events_after_footertribe_events_inside_before_looptribe_events_inside_after_looptribe_events_before_the_event_titletribe_events_after_the_event_titletribe_events_before_the_metatribe_events_inside_costtribe_events_after_the_metatribe_events_before_the_contenttribe_events_after_the_contenttribe_events_before_the_titletribe_events_after_the_titletribe_default_events_template_after_headertribe_default_events_template_before_footertribe_events_list_before_the_contenttribe_events_bar_before_templatetribe_events_bar_after_templatetribe_events_before_the_gridtribe_events_after_the_gridtribe_events_before_navtribe_events_after_navtribe_events_list_widget_before_the_event_imagetribe_events_list_widget_after_the_event_imagetribe_events_list_widget_before_the_event_titletribe_events_list_widget_after_the_event_titletribe_events_list_widget_before_the_metatribe_events_list_widget_after_the_meta
  • Tweak – Changed views: blocks/event-linksblocks/event-websiteblocks/parts/detailsdayday/contentday/loopday/navday/single-eventday/single-featuredday/title-bardefault-templatelistlist/contentlist/looplist/navlist/single-eventlist/single-featuredlist/title-barmodules/addressmodules/barmodules/meta/detailsmonthmonth/contentmonth/loop-gridmonth/mobilemonth/navmonth/single-daymonth/single-eventmonth/title-barmonth/tooltipv2/month/calendar-body/dayv2/month/calendar-body/day/calendar-events/calendar-event/titlev2/month/calendar-body/day/calendar-events/calendar-event/tooltip/titlev2/month/mobile-events/mobile-day/mobile-event/titlewidgets/calendar-widgetwidgets/list-widget

[5.16.4] 2022-08-09

  • Fix – Ensure date formats are escaped properly when they contain slashes. [ECP-1136]
  • Tweak – Update the calendar print design. [TEC-4425]
  • Tweak – Add support for ticketed parameter for Event archive REST API calls. [TEC-4439]
  • Tweak – Add new methods filter_url_date_conflicts and filter_date_escaping to filter and properly escape the date formats for some views. [ECP-1136]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 403 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 124 obsoleted.

[] 2022-07-21

  • Fix – Update Freemius to avoid PHP 8 fatals. [TEC-4330]

[5.16.3] 2022-07-20

  • Fix – Add a theme based CSS class to the HTML body tag when the Default Page Template setting is enabled under Events > Settings > Display. [TEC-4391]
  • Fix – Avoid some conflicts between the import notice and third-party plugins using jQuery datepicker in the admin. [TEC-4429]
  • Tweak – Add edit links to single venue and organizer pages to improve user experience. [ECP-1181]
  • Tweak – Add a CSS class i.e. tribe-events-calendar-month__day--other-month to past and future month dates in the month view to allow easy targeting similar to what we had in v1. [TEC-4034]
  • Tweak – Changed views: v2/month/calendar-body/day

[] 2022-07-08

  • Fix – Don’t load Aggregator scripts on post edit pages to prevent datepicker conflicts [TEC-4427]
  • Tweak – Added filter: aggregator_should_load_scripts

[5.16.2] 2022-07-06

  • Fix – Ensure the Next arrow in List and Summary views navigates to the correct page when the Main Events Page is set as the homepage. [TEC-4247]
  • Fix – Ensure the Next button when using the Event View Elementor widget navigates to the next page on the first click. [FBAR-263]
  • Fix – Add a height to the subscribe to calendar export SVG icon on the single events page when using the Skeleton Styles to prevent it from taking over a huge portion of the page. [TEC-4399]
  • Fix – Remove link to Updates page from TEC Settings page. [TEC-4373]
  • Fix – Ensure Aggregator CSV imports continue to run when on an admin page. [TEC-4070]
  • Fix – Correct hardcoded admin urls used for Event Settings page(s). [ECP-1175]
  • Fix – Ensure event widgets don’t carry the global search param into their queries. [TEC-4048]
  • Fix – Allow sub-site admins to use the updated calendar designs when their plugin access is restricted. [TEC-4382]
  • Fix – Remove deprecated usage of jQuery.attr( 'checked' )
  • Tweak – Add a unique CSS class i.e. tribe-events-calendar-month__day--past-month to past month dates in the month view to allow easy targeting. [TEC-3447]
  • Tweak – Add a unique CSS class i.e. tribe-events-calendar-month__day--next-month to future month dates in the month view to allow easy targeting. [TEC-3819]
  • Tweak – Changed views: v2/month/calendar-body/day
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 113 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 3 obsoleted

[] 2022-06-15

  • Fix – correct issues with template paths when using FSE. [TEC-4401]

[5.16.1] 2022-06-09

  • Fix – Add rel=”noindex” to links that point to empty Month and Day Views so as to not dilute SEO with empty results. [TEC-4354]
  • Fix – Clean up some borked CSS in some sections of the Elementor Event widget. [ECP-1105]
  • Fix – Fix admin links to work with the new admin page structure. [TEC-4380]
  • Tweak – Removed filters: tribe_settings_admin_slugtribe_settings_urltribe_events_enable_month_view_cache
  • Tweak – Changed views: blocks/event-linksblocks/parts/subscribe-listblocks/parts/subscribe-single,
    v2/components/subscribe-links/item, v2/components/subscribe-links/singlev2/day/nav/next,
    v2/day/nav/prev, v2/day/top-bar/nav/nextv2/day/top-bar/nav/prevv2/month/mobile-events/nav/next,
    v2/month/mobile-events/nav/prev, v2/month/top-bar/nav/nextv2/month/top-bar/nav/prev

[5.16.0] 2022-05-31

  • Feature – Add subscribe links for Outlook 365 and Outlook Live to the event views. [TEC-4168]
  • Feature – Add export links for Outlook 365 and Outlook Live to single events. [TEC-4168]
  • Feature – Update single event export to use a dropdown template to support more links. [TEC-4176]
  • Feature – Add Outlook ics as an option for Subscribe to Calendar that removes the X-WR-CALNAME from the file. Props to Andy Fragen @afragen [TEC-4188]
  • Fix – Prevent Redis Cache Pro fatals around date utilization and calculations on Views [TEC-4351]
  • Fix – Ensure all expected subscribe links show when using the default page template. [TEC-4313]
  • Fix – Put back the event website label for Classic editor. [TEC-4334]
  • Fix – Ensure that subscription links include events up to the limit, no matter the view settings. [TEC-4264]
  • Fix – On Event tag archives only show events with the tag, change the single event tag links to use the event tag archive, and add a link to event tag archive in the admin tag list. [TEC-4314]
  • Fix – Default event category in Global Import Settings to apply on new imports in Event Aggregator. [EA-426]
  • Fix – Add rel noindex and nofollow to the legacy iCal export button. [TEC-4354]
  • Language – 6 new strings added, 53 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2022-05-23

  • Fix – Prevent fatal when using Yoast due to missing function tribe_is_month() [TEC-4376]
  • Fix – Check if function exists for get_current_screen to avoid a fatal if not.

[5.15.0] 2022-05-19

  • Version – The Events Calendar 5.15.0 is only compatible with Event Tickets 5.4.0 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 5.15.0 is only compatible with Events Calendar PRO 5.14.0 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 5.15.0 is only compatible with Events Filterbar 5.3.0 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 5.15.0 is only compatible with Events Virtual 1.10.0 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 5.15.0 is only compatible with Events Community 4.9.0 and higher
  • Version – The Events Calendar 5.15.0 is only compatible with Eventbrite Tickets 4.6.11 and higher
  • Feature – Update Events menu to work with the new admin pages structure. [ET-1335]
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 395 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 3 obsoleted

[] 2022-04-28

  • Fix – Correct an issue with linked common release.

[5.14.2] 2022-04-28

  • Feature – Add support to CSV import for the ISO Currency Code field. [TEC-4341]
  • Feature – First iteration of changes for Full Site Editor compatibility. [TEC-4262]
  • Tweak – Added filters tribe_merge_identical_organizers_enabledtribe_merge_identical_venues_enabledtribe_merge_identical_organizers_fieldstribe_merge_identical_venues_fieldstribe_amalgamate_venues_keep_venuetribe_amalgamate_organizers_keep_organizer for better control of the merge duplicate venues and organizers functionality. [TEC-4225]
  • Tweak – Added filter tribe_events_views_v2_ff_link_next_event to allow better control of the fast-forward link target. [ECP-957]
  • Tweak – Allow filtering of the “next event” query in the fast-forward link. [ECP-957]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_merge_identical_organizers_enabledtribe_merge_identical_venues_enabledtribe_merge_identical_organizers_fieldstribe_merge_identical_venues_fieldstribe_amalgamate_venues_keep_venuetribe_amalgamate_organizers_keep_organizertribe_events_views_v2_ff_link_next_event.
  • Tweak – Changed views: blocks/archive-events.
  • Fix – Correctly calculate Event duration when the Event crosses the daylight saving date and time. [TEC-4336]
  • Fix – Don’t try to validate “raw” as a date. [TEC-4254]
  • Fix – Ensure the Views don’t try to do math with strings. [TEC-4322]
  • Fix – Enable more than 5 csv entries to be imported when using 8.0.15 to 8.0.17 or 8.1.2 to 8.1.4. [TEC-4312]
  • Fix – Ensure Google Calendar links include the event description if it exists. [TEC-4315]
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 232 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted.

[5.14.1] 2022-03-17

  • Tweak – Update the backend block editor UI for a single event to look similar to its frontend version in order to create a true WYSIWYG experience when using the block editor. [TEC-4250]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_events_views_v2_month_ics_start_today
  • Fix – Correct a regex typo that was breaking proper JSON-LD data around event cost. [TEC-4263]
  • Fix – Correct Month View ics export so it begins on the current day rather than the 1st. [TEC-4223]
  • Fix – Add ISO Currency Code field to admin to set code sent via JSON-LD. TEC was incorrectly sending symbol. [TEC-4212]
  • Fix – Ensure that the full styles custom properties require the skeleton style custom properties. [TEC-4308]
  • Fix – Ensure that the State/Province field saves for non-US venues. [TEC-4309]
  • Fix – Correct duplicated text in wpadminbar Events Menu. [TEC-4310]
  • Fix – Load the assets required by the Event View Elementor widget in preview mode. [ECP-1065]
  • Language – 4 new strings added, 144 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted.

[] 2022-03-01

  • Tweak – Update version of Freemius to 2.4.3.

[] 2022-02-25

  • Fix – Ensure the Venue and Organizer metaboxes load when creating a new post of that type. [TEC-4303]

[] 2022-02-22

  • Fix – Correct conditional in Filter Bar upsell banner. [TEC-4284]
  • Fix – Un-deprecate tribe_initialize_view() as it is used in some new views.

[] 2022-02-15

  • Fix – Prevent parse error due to trailing comma on a method call, PHP 7.1 compatibility required. Props @kzeni

[5.14.0] 2022-02-15

  • Feature – Add a Filter Bar upsell banner to the Filters tab that displays when the Filter Bar plugin isn’t active. [TEC-4238]
  • Tweak – Correct documentation around the subscribe link filters. Add link slug as array keys for tec_views_v2_single_subscribe_links filter. [TEC-4215]
  • Tweak – Move and deprecate some methods specific to the Google Calendar link from Main to the new Google_Calendar class. [TEC-4235]
  • Tweak – Prevent scripts from loading on all Admin pages, only load on pages needed.
  • Tweak – Performance improvements around Block Asset loading and redundancy.
  • Tweak – Internal caching of values to reduce get_option() call count.
  • Tweak – Switch from sanitize_title_with_dashes to sanitize_key in a couple instances for performance gains.
  • Tweak – Remove the wp.editor.InnerBlocks gutenberg component in favor of wp.blockEditor.InnerBlocks which was deprecated since version 5.3. [TEC-4178]
  • Tweak – Prevent asset loading from repeating calls to plugin URL and path, resulting in some minor performance gains.
  • Fix – Update the way we handle Classic Editor compatibility. Specifically around user choice. [TEC-4016]
  • Fix – Remove incorrect reference for [TEC-4148]
  • Fix – Fixed troubleshooting page styles for standalone Event Tickets setup [ET-1382]
  • Fix – Remove singleton created from a deprecated class.
  • Fix – Ensure that the tec_views_v2_use_subscribe_links filter applies to the single event view. [TEC-4219]
  • Fix – Hide the “Export to .ics file” link by default, allow showing it via a filter. Also ensure the link is correct. [TEC-4214]
  • Fix – Serve a single event import url for Google Calendar on the single event view. [TEC-4235]
  • Fix – Improve theme CSS compatibility on View container by making sure our views take 100% of the width available (props @askwpgirl) [TEC-4257]
  • Language – 9 new strings added, 277 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[5.13.0] 2022-01-31

  • Deprecation – All files from Legacy Views will throw deprecated notices, refer to for extra information.
  • Deprecation – Template functions tribe_initialize_viewtribe_get_view and tribe_show_month were deprecated, refer to for extra information.

[5.12.4] 2022-01-19

  • Tweak – Minor CSS tweaks to align with the new shortcode based blocks in ECP. [ECP-1016]
  • Tweak – Add hook to CSV importer to enable add-on plugins to support their fields during import. [VE-387]
  • Tweak – Included new filter tec_system_information allowing better control over the Troubleshooting Help page.
  • Tweak – Included a Views V2 Status on the Troubleshooting page system info section to help with clarity for support.
  • Tweak – Add notice for Themes using Full Site Editor incompatibility with Widgets. [TEC-4233]
  • Fix – Prevent Onboarding assets from loading on the admin when not needed.
  • Fix – Remove CSS attributes targeting aria-labels to prevent inconsistent styling for different languages. [TEC-4227]
  • Fix – Resolve sorting problems when using orderby with the Event repository when no other orderby values are specified. [TEC-4232]
  • Fix – Prevent unwanted notice on single-event and embed views from legacy views deprecation

[5.12.3] 2022-01-10

  • Version – The Events Calendar 5.12.3 is only compatible with Events Calendar PRO 5.11.2 and higher
  • Fix – Ensure the modifications made through the tribe_events_views_v2_category_title are respected. [TEC-4110]
  • Fix – Correct issue where mobile default view does not load correctly when homepage set to Events Main. [TEC-3826]
  • Tweak – Boost SEO for category archive pages by fixing the title tag. [TEC-4110]
  • Tweak – Add filter to allow users to choose if the taxonomy should show parent categories [TEC-4110]
  • Tweak – Move handling of mobile view to ECP. Add filter to allow overriding default view. [TEC-3826]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 71 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.12.2] 2021-12-20

  • Fix – Remove trailing comma that can cause fatals on older versions of PHP. [FBAR-252]
  • Fix – Prevent infinite loops in the block editor when including the links block. [TEC-4190]
  • Fix – Initial steps to make The Events Calendar compatible with PHP 8.1

[5.12.1] 2021-12-14

  • Feature – Add TEC widget based blocks to the Event Blocks custom block category. [TEC-4151]
  • Feature – Add Event Status filter options when Filter Bar is active. [FBAR-92]
  • Fix – Add a valid rel value to the link tag for TEC REST API support in order to improve HTML 5 and WCAG 2.1 compliance. (props to @gabyrau for the fix!) [TEC-4129]
  • Fix – Ensure the date selected when creating a new event from the Event Manager is applied to the block editor. [ECP-954]
  • Fix – Properly observe the disabling of JSON-LD output on widget blocks in the block editor. [TEC-4077]
  • Fix – Prevent PHP warning in some cases when fetching the date from tribe_get_display_end_date(). (props to @huubl for the fix!) [TEC-4161]
  • Fix – Close a div in the new subscribe dropdown that was left open. Props to @whoisuncle for bringing this to our attention! [TEC-4166]
  • Tweak – Ensure the Disable the Event Search Bar setting doesn’t get applied on the Event Manager page. [ECP-948]
  • Tweak – Ensure the related events title and event titles within the single event page for the block editor make use the customizer font settings. [TEC-4125]
  • Tweak – Update the description text for the “Merge Duplicates” action. Add filters for data sets usd for comparison. [TEC-3018]
  • Tweak – Adjust the Subscribe to Calendar dropdown styling to better accommodate themes with sidebars. [TEC-4166]
  • Tweak – Add the Event List and Mini-Calendar widgets to the Event Blocks category. [TEC-4151]
  • Tweak – Correct some incorrect template paths in docblocks. [TEC-4111]
  • Language – 4 new strings added, 159 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[5.12.0] 2021-12-02

  • Feature – Add new subscribe options to the “Export Events” link at the bottom of calendar views and single Event view [TEC-4131]
  • Fix – Bypass caching of the event when dealing with the admin event list table. [TEC-4156]
  • Fix – Event List Widget will not print the H3 tag related to the title when that is empty. [TEC-4160]
  • Tweak – Allow bypassing of the Aggregator logging function by using the tec_aggregator_records_should_log_error filter. [TEC-4159]
  • Tweak – Removed the tribe_events_force_filtered_ical_link filter and the associated js function that recreates the subscribe link on v1 and Single Event views. [TEC-4131]
  • Language – 4 new strings added, 52 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

[5.11.0] 2021-11-17

  • Feature – Add an Events List block that is based on the Events List widget to the block editor which users can drag around to any position they want it to appear. [ECP-989]
  • Feature – Add event status options of scheduled, canceled, and postponed with the ability to add and display a reason for the latter two. [TEC-3465]
  • Feature – Add live preview to the TEC customizer screens. [TEC-4055]
  • Fix – When accessing comments there could be situations where an undefined array key was accessed, and in PHP 8 it is a promoted Warning error for undefined array access. [TEC-4093]
  • Fix – Resolved Warning: reset(): Argument #1 ($array) must be passed by reference... error that was displayed on the Events, Organizers and Venue REST endpoints in PHP v8. [TEC-4097]
  • Fix – Ensure that the proper spacing is applied for the venue address in list view. [TEC-4089]
  • Tweak – Change some of the block tests to adapt to the new Editor compatibility in common. [TEC-4016]
  • Tweak – Update the google calendar export button to open in a new tab on the event single page for both the classic and block editors. [TEC-4084]
  • Tweak – Add supplied organizer url to JSON-LD for the event->organizer. Props @cmenon12 for the notification and code! [TEC-4095]
  • Tweak – Add a link to the Customizer in the admin menu and in Events->Settings->Display for folks running a FSE theme. [TEC-4126]
  • Language – 10 new strings added, 55 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.10.1] 2021-11-04

  • Feature – Added Black Friday promo to the General Settings panel. [TCMN-127]
  • Tweak – Update Black Friday banner. [TCMN-126]

[5.10.0] 2021-10-19

  • Tweak – Improve the look and feel of the single events page when using the block editor. These changes can be bypassed by defining the following constant to your wp-config.php file: define( 'TRIBE_EVENTS_SINGLE_VIEW_V2_DISABLED', true ); [TEC-3979]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 1 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.9.2] 2021-10-12

  • Fix – Ensure the day view on mobile displays the not found message when no events are present. [TEC-3944]
  • Fix – Ensure a map preview is displayed on the venue block in the admin area when using TEC’s default Google API Key. [TEC-3042]
  • Fix – Add some missing text domains for string translation. [TEC-3908]
  • Fix – Correct block use checks around the Classic Editor plugin. [TEC-4099]
  • Tweak – Set the appropriate Content-Type for REST responses that return just HTML during view partial requests. [TEC-4087]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 164 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.9.1] 2021-09-14

  • Feature – Updated swagger docs generated from swagger 2.0 to openapi 3.0.0
  • Fix – Initialize $local_time_zone to ensure we don’t have notices displayed in the frontend. [TEC-3791]
  • Fix – Ensure the correct timezone label is being displayed on the Classic and Block editors when site-wide timezone is set. [TEC-3791]
  • Fix – Ensure that venue state or province are displayed next to the city in list view. [TEC-3332]
  • Fix – Ensure the category archive event breadcrumb links to the main events page. [TEC-3330]
  • Fix – Ensure that the page title does not encode (em)dashes before passing it on. [TEC-4049]
  • Fix – Ensure that the page title does not encode apostrophes before passing it on. [TEC-4058]
  • Fix – Ensure that filter_single_event_details_event_website_label() only filters the label for the website field. [ECP-921]
  • Tweak – Remove unused template file to avoid confusion.
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 13 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.9.0] 2021-08-24

  • Fix – Ensure that $eventDisplay is defined before we use it in the default template. [TEC-4060]
  • Feature – Alter Customizer to leverage the new exposed CSS custom properties. [TCMN-104]
  • Feature – Reduce the CSS load of The Events Calendar Customizer style overrides. [TEC-3011]
  • Feature – Allow easier style overrides by users and third-party themes/plugins. [TEC-3011]
  • Feature – Add new Font Sections to Customizer -> The Events Calendar -> Global Events. [TEC-3872]
  • Feature – Add new font family control to allow The Events Calendar styles to inherit theme fonts. [TEC-3895]
  • Feature – Add new font size controls for accessibility and to allow users to more closely match the font sizes of their theme. [TEC-3891]
  • Tweak – Support optionally passing start dates to the Event Edit page so targeted event creation can be triggered by The Events Calendar Pro’s Event Manager.
  • Language – 16 new strings added, 429 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.8.2] 2021-08-17

  • Feature – Redesign In-App help and troubleshooting pages. [TEC-3741]
  • Fix – Try to ensure that when we do an event search the query post type remains tribe_events. [TEC-4012]
  • Fix – Ensure the year is displayed in the block editor event single page for events that are occurring in a different year from the current one. [TEC-3740]
  • Fix – Fix the issue of the Event Date Time block Timezone dropdown taking up a lot of space. [TEC-4029]
  • Fix – Ensure WPML translated event posts show up on translated venue and organizer pages. (props @NicoX13) [TEC-4036]
  • Fix – Fix issue of month names not being translatable. This was caused by a missing moment js localization dependency. [ECP-739]
  • Fix – Ensure we test the value of tribe_events_get_current_month_day() before using it. [ECP-912]
  • Fix – Add a new function to add “Event Blocks” category to the editor for WP >= 5.8. [TEC-4037]
  • Tweak – Change label of API Settings tab to “Integrations” and alter helper text. [TEC-4015]
  • Language – 2 new strings added, 251 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 18 obsoleted

[5.8.1] 2021-07-20

  • Fix – Ensure that the Block Editor saves cost data when submitted. [TEC-3987]
  • Fix – Ensure that when viewing a single event we load the correct template when tribe_context is “confused”. [TEC-3975]
  • Tweak – Remove some CSS on the single events page that was causing a random border to appear on avada theme [TEC-3952]
  • Tweak – Add CSS class to the event tags label on the event details section on the single event page. [TEC-3951]
  • Tweak – Correct the messaging and link for the v1 deprecation notice. [TEC-3958]
  • Tweak – Include filter to allow modifications to the Grid query for By Day Views like Month and Week, tribe_events_views_v2_by_day_view_day_repository
  • Language – 5 new strings added, 26 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 5 obsoleted

[5.8.0] 2021-07-01

  • Version – The Events Calendar 5.8.0 is only compatible with Events Calendar PRO 5.8.0 and higher
  • Feature – Add new Events bar section to the Customizer for control of the Events Bar styles. [TEC-3672]
  • Fix – Correct instance where the date & time symbols (“@”) are not changing color along with the text. [TEC-3883]
  • Tweak – Ensure that the Month view date and time default colors match up with the rest [TEC-3709]
  • Tweak – Ensure the Customizer Accent Color defaults to “royal blue” (#334aff) [TEC-3884]
  • Tweak – Stop doing all the work here and leverage the new tribe-common Theme_Compatibility. [TCMN-106]
  • Tweak – Add new hooks to the single event templates to allow more third-party control over content without custom templates. [TEC-3948]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_customizer_should_print_shortcode_customizer_stylestribe_events_views_v2_bootstrap_htmltribe_default_events_template_classestribe_events_single_event_title_classestribe_events_single_event_title_html_beforetribe_events_single_event_title_html_aftertribe_events_single_event_title_html
  • Tweak – Removed filters: tribe_events_views_v2_compatibility_classestribe_events_views_v2_theme_compatibility_registered
  • Tweak – Added actions: tribe_default_events_template_after_headertribe_default_events_template_before_footer
  • Tweak – Changed views: default-templatesingle-eventv2/default-template
  • Language – 13 new strings added, 64 updated, 6 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted
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