WPEverest User Registration Pro (v4.1.4) Addons Free Download

User Registration - Custom Registration Form, Login And User Profile For WordPress
User Registration - Custom Registration Form, Login And User Profile For WordPress

WPEverest User Registration Pro Addons Free Download v4.1.4 – WPEverest | WPEverest User Registration Pro Addons Nulled v4.1.4 provides you with an easy way to create frontend user registration form and login form. Drag and Drop fields make ordering and creating forms extremely easy. The plugin is lightweight, extendible, and can be used to create any type of registration form.

Beside registration form, the plugin also supports beautiful frontend profile account page for profile edit, password change, Log out and more. Users can visit their account page after registration and view the details they have filled and can make changes if necessary.

The registration forms are 100% mobile responsive and optimized to display on any devices.

Drag and Drop WordPress registration form plugin

The best WordPress registration plugin with simple drag and drop form builder is the username registration form. In just one minute, create any kind of registration form. Here are some of the features highlighted.

Premium Addons

Allows you to create every type of registration form that you imagine, combined with our premium additions. Registration forms, with payment and more, from basic registration forms to complicated multi-step registration forms.


Style Customizer

Style your registration forms easily to suit your requirements with different design components like fonts, font color, background color, background image, edge, padding, margin and alignment.

Multi Part

It takes time and tedious to have long shapes. Users are easily distracted and leave these forms halfway through. Our Multi-Part Add-on User Registration enables you to split your registration forms into various pieces according to your needs.

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic enables more complex types to be created based on user feedback. You can now show or hide fields based on input from the other field.

Social Connect

It is simpler and quicker to sign up! You can register your users with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn by adding it. With this addon. The data of users will be pulled from their social profiles automatically.


This add-on can be used to incorporate the user registration plugin with your MailChimp account. This plugin will connect users to your MailChimp account who are registered with your website as subscribers.

WooCommerce Integration

You can integrate this addon with the popular WpEverest User Registration Nulled. In this plugin, details related to WooCommerce will now appear to make stuff more visible and updated for users/customers.

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Addons List in the pack

  • User Registration Pro v4.1.0 (Activated)
  • User Registration Conditional Logic v1.4.2
  • User Registration Advanced Fields v1.6.5
  • User Registration ActiveCampaign v1.1.1
  • User Registration Payments (Paypal) v1.5.2
  • User Registration Multi-Part v1.2.0
  • User Registration MailerLite v1.1.4
  • User Registration MailChimp v2.0.1
  • User Registration Learndash v1.1.7
  • User Registration Invite Codes v1.2.1
  • User Registration Import Users v1.0.3
  • User Registration Geolocation v1.2.0
  • User Registration Style Customizer v1.0.5
  • User Registration Stripe v1.3.1
  • User Registration Social Connect v1.4.5
  • User Registration Two Factor Authentication v1.0.10
  • User Registration Zapier v1.0.3
  • User Registration WooCommerce v1.5.0
  • User Registration File Upload v1.3.9
  •   user-registration-field-visibility
  •   user-registration-extras
  • User Registration Email Templates v1.1.2
  • User Registration Customize My Account v1.2.0 
  • User Registration Content Restriction v1.3.2
  • User Registration PDF Form Submission 1.2.1
  • User Registration Frontend Listing v1.1.4
  • User Registration Private Notes v1.0.2.1
  • User Registration Klaviyo v1.0.2
  • User Registration Profile Completeness v1.0.2
  • User Registration Post Submissions v1.0.0
  • User Registration Save and Continuev1.0.1.1
  • User Registration Profile Connect v1.0.1
  • User Registration Conversational Forms v1.0.0

Changelog User Registration PRO Nulled
User field value not being saved while registering or updating the profile.
Pattern validation for input fields.
Cloudflare turnstile captcha integration.
Login forms menu to show the login form shortcode.
Custom hold time before redirection after registration.
Modified function that parses my account page id.
Compatibility for pattern validation for input fields.
Compatibility for enabling/disabling taking picture from the webcam.
Error while adding popup in menu.
Incorrect filtering of pending users.
Reset Password link throws invalid key.
Invalid Myaccount link for it’s endpoints.
Remove other plugins notice in settings area.
Conditionally hidden fields value being submitted.
Copied tooltip not being shown when shortcode is copied.
Email Preview.
User registered language with smart tag.
Auto logout after certain time inactivity.
Wrap emails in default template while previewing or sending.
Check null for file_exits function.
Change mail header format to array.
Add Extra parameter in the filter hook user_registration_before_insert_user.
Added unique id smart tag.
Add filter to modify smart tag content.
Do not display hidden field value in user details listing area.
Input box highlighting according to error or validity of form field input.
Conflict with TranslatePress.
Error message on login with SMIO plugin.
Typecasting issue in myaccount tag state.
Grammatical error of passwordless login email.
Make login shortcode compatible with all editors.
Lost Password not working for translated myaccount page.
Show the data of website field as a URL in user details listing area.
Form created even if its canceled in form naming area after choosing a template.
Form set redirection working while trying to visit page with registration or login form after login.
Arbitrary file upload.
One time draggable field locked message.
Filter added for recaptcha url.
Password strength meter hint text updated.
Apply redirection settings when autologin is set.
Hide role based redirection setting when option is disabled.
Filter added for setting profile privacy visibility option default value.
Inconsistencies in v3.0 design update.
Form design conflict with themes using bootstrap.
Security Vulnerability issue from arbitrary file upload.
Validation error thrown when range is used as payment field.
Default values for global settings options cannot be changed.
Required validation thrown when entering 0 in the number field.
Max upload size option accepting non-numeric, negative, and 0 as values.
Same popup load conflict on same page results in incorrect field validations.
Validate as a unique field validating for all fields instead of individual field.
Update duplicate hook name.
Compatibility for autologin redirection.
Add new addons to extensions page.
Field smart tag support in hidden field value.
Create global constant for upload dir path and url.
Profile pic showing max upload size in KB instead of MB.
Free plugin file not being deleted when pro is activated.
Password strength meter not working with Cyrillic letters.
Profile pic cropping not available even enabled in edit profile.
Password preview not working on login shortcode page when recaptcha disabled.
Form Builder Design.
Global Settings Design.
Login process.
Role base redirection settings for registration form.
Privacy Tab.
Password Less Login.
Search global settings.
Redirection after registration.
Integration menu for email marketing.
Password strength check made more robust.
Changed checkbox and yes/no select option to toggle.
New smart tags added in email content and default value of fields.
Compatibility for hidden field.
Compatibility for Discounted Price.
Compatibility for Profile Completeness addon.
Compatibility for conditionally hide/show submit button.
Compatibility for disable cropping in profile picture field.
Display info about form status.
Remember me not working for ajax login.
Validation error when conditionally hide fields.
Email confirmation email not being sent when all emails were disabled.
Make get_sanitize_value function static.
PHP deprecation notice for sites below PHP 7.2.
Password not matched when apostrophes used.
Form being saved when captcha is enabled but keys are missing.
Settings being saved when captcha is enabled in login options but keys are missing.
Smart tag selector in email content.
Smart tag selector in default value of fields.
Export users.
Lock field if integration not setup.
Add hook to handle required fields.
Add filter hook before inserting user.
Add filter hook to remember autologin users.
Enable description message changed for reset password email.
Form field upgrade to premium notices according to license plan.
Validation error when radio field empty.
Polylang My Account Page Translation issue.
Deprecated get_sanitize-value causing issues.
Date field error when using dd/mm/yyyy format.
Profile picture not recognized by media library.
Advance Settings custom class not working on edit-profile.
Token mismatch error and wrong password message appearing at same time.
Incorrect default date displayed in date field while editing user in admin side.
Email confirmation email not sent to user.

= 3.2.3    - 16/03/2023
* Refactor - Backend validation for form data.
* Enhance  - Global settings input validation.
* Enhance  - Confirm password and confirm email field validation.
* Tweak    - Add Docs link in My Account select notice.
* Tweak    - Add action hook added for email address change confirmation success.
* Fix      - Required icon not displaying properly.
* Fix      - Default value for country field not working.
* Fix      - Strip Unwanted fields from conditional rules.
* Fix      - Profile picture required issue in edit profile.
* Fix      - Conditional rules field not mapped dynamically.
* Fix      - Year not displayed on min max date field option.
* Fix      - First item being selected by default in edit profile.
* Fix      - Single item field error message displaying in wrong place.
* Fix      - reCAPTCHA registration form template don't create reCAPTCHA.
* Fix      - Role based redirect after logout not working for custom template.
* Fix      - Email not send to user when login option set except email confirmation.
* Fix      - Security issue send test email by non privileged user.
* Fix      - Security issue PHP Object injection with unserialize PHP core function.

=  - 23/02/2023
* Fix 	   - Consent notice is now dismissable.
* Fix      - License plan not being fetched properly.
* Fix      - Form preview not working properly when astra theme activated.
* Fix      - Error while submitting form with file upload field when OpenSSL extension disabled.

= 3.2.2    - 20/02/2023
* Feature  - Shortcode for 'Change Password' Page.
* Feature  - Email confirmation for email change on the edit profile page.
* Refactor - Profile Picture save after profile update.
* Enhance  - Setup wizard options and design.
* Enhance  - Bulk form import/export.
* Enhance  - Add {{user_roles}} smart tag.
* Enhance  - View form link after importing form.
* Enhance  - Fetch Form templates from remote server.
* Enhance  - Sync External fields when profile update.
* Enhance  - Send success email after email confirmation done by user.
* Enhance  - Add toggle to enable/disable email from email list in global settings.
* Dev      - Common code for Select2.
* Dev      - Compatibility with Frontend Listing.
* Dev      - Common js for preview password icon.
* Dev      - Added common code to dynamically render form fields.
* Dev      - Return login url from ur_get_my_account_url function if My Account is not set.
* Tweak    - Deactivation popup.
* Tweak    - Add Private notes in extension page.
* Tweak    - Field option made clickable when no any field is selected.
* Fix      - TinyMce data not saving issue.
* Fix      - Smart tag in email issue for file type.
* Fix      - Field Visibility Setting value not saving in safari.
* Fix      - MyAccount redirection issue on plain permalink structure.
* Fix      - Reset and incorrect password message appears at same time.
* Fix 	   - Preview password icon not working when reCAPTCHA is enabled.

= 3.2.1    - 17/01/2023
* Enhance  - Email domain allowlist and denylist.
* Enhance  - Fetch Form templates from remote server.
* Fix 	   - XSS vulnerability in field settings.
* Fix 	   - Flatpickr throwing an error in console.
* Fix 	   - LearnDash slug typo in extemsions page.
* Fix      - Disallow Reset Password for not approved users.
* Fix 	   - Profile picture being removed while updating profile.
* Fix      - Invalid argument warning while fetching form settings.
* Fix      - Registration form id with which user is registered referenced in edit profile form.
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