Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce (Pro) v3.5.3 Nulled by AlgolPlus

Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce (Pro)
Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce (Pro)
Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce (Pro)
Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce (Pro)

E-commerce businesses rely on efficient order management to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction. As the number of orders and transactions increases, managing the order data can become challenging. One solution that can assist you in effectively managing your WooCommerce order data is the Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce v3.5.3 Nulled | Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce v3.5.3 Free Download. This powerful tool offers a range of features that make exporting order data a breeze, allowing you to choose from various formats such as CSV, XLS, XML, and JSON. Let’s delve into the key features that make this plugin a must-have for your e-commerce store.

Key Features

  1. Multiple Profiles

The plugin allows you to create multiple export profiles, giving you the flexibility to manage different types of orders or export settings simultaneously. You can easily export selected orders using the “Bulk Actions” option in the WooCommerce Orders section.

  1. Export Orders on Status Change

To keep up with the dynamic nature of e-commerce, the Advanced Order Export plugin nulled enables you to export new or modified orders immediately upon a status change. This feature ensures that your order data stays up-to-date, helping you maintain accurate records.

  1. Flexible Scheduling

The plugin offers various scheduling options to cater to your specific needs. You can choose between weekday mode, intervals (hourly, daily, etc.), exact dates, or even use cron expressions for more advanced scheduling. This flexibility allows you to automate the export process according to your preferred schedule.

  1. Send Results to Multiple Destinations

Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce PRO plugin free download supports sending the exported data to multiple destinations, making it easier for you to store, access, or share your order information. You can send the results to an email address, FTP, SFTP, HTTP URL (webhook), a folder on your webserver, or even integrate with Zapier to upload the data to Google Drive, Dropbox, other storage services, or CRMs.

Other Import & Export Plugins for WooCommerce

The Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce PRO plugin is an invaluable tool for e-commerce businesses that want to streamline their order data management process. With its multiple profiles, export-on-status-change feature, flexible scheduling, and support for various destinations, this plugin offers a comprehensive solution to effectively manage your WooCommerce order data. By using this plugin, you can maintain accurate records, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately enhance the overall performance of your e-commerce store.

Changelog Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce Nulled

Version 3.5.3 released on June 6th
XLS/PDF formats support AVIF product images
Added subscription fields to >Setup Fields>Products (if Woo Subscriptions is active)
Added new fields to >Setup Fields>Subscription (if Woo Subscriptions is active)
Bug fixed - empty "Custom Fields" dropdown in section "Filter by order" (HPOS mode, big shops only)
Spanish language added
Version 3.5.1 released on April 29th
Reduced page loading time for stores with a huge number of orders
Fixed minor bugs for HPOS mode
Bug fixed – mode "Summary Report By Customers" , refunds grouped to ONE line
Version 3.5.0 released on April 8th
New field “Origin” (>Setup Fields>Common)
XLS format supports .webp product images
Bug fixed – some address fields were empty for refunds
Fixed some minor bugs
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