TASKLY SaaS (v5.9) Project Management Tool [Activated] Free Download


The sheer volume and diversity of these projects demand a robust and efficient project management tool, and that’s where Taskly SaaS Project Management Tool Free Download v5.9 | Taskly SaaS Project Management Tool Nulled v5.9 comes into play. Taskly isn’t just another project management tool – it’s a holistic solution tailored for modern businesses aiming to streamline their operations, optimize productivity, and maximize outcomes.


A Glimpse into Taskly’s World

Taskly’s dashboard is a testament to its commitment to simplicity yet profound insights. It presents a graphical overview, allowing managers and teams to quickly gauge the status of tasks and projects. This at-a-glance representation removes the tediousness of sifting through endless data, enabling decisions to be made swiftly and confidently.

Moreover, Taskly Taskly SaaS Project Management Tool Nulled is not constrained by linguistic boundaries. The multi-language support, coupled with an admin side language switch, ensures global businesses can collaborate seamlessly, breaking down communication barriers.

An Intuitive Experience

One of Taskly’s standout features is the Kanban task management system. Visualizing the progress of projects becomes a breeze as tasks move fluidly from one phase to another. It doesn’t stop there; attaching pivotal files, creating milestones, and segmenting tasks into sub-tasks ensures that projects are structured and tracked with precision.

The system also incorporates innovative modules like the Desktop Application to monitor project hours actively, ensuring transparency and accountability. And with multi-user and client access, collaboration is never an issue. Whether it’s assigning specific roles, permissions, or sharing crucial notes, Taskly has got it all mapped out.


Embracing the Future

In a world where remote work is becoming the norm, tools like Zoom and Slack are essential. Taskly’s integration with these platforms shows its forward-thinking approach. Whether it’s scheduling a virtual meeting or getting instant notifications of project activities, these integrations ensure teams remain in sync, no matter where they are.

And for those who value data security, Taskly’s integration with cloud data storage solutions like AWS and Wasabi is a godsend. This ensures all project-related data is securely backed up, safeguarded from potential losses or breaches.

Customization at its Best

Every business is unique, and Taskly Free Download acknowledges this. Its extensive customization options, from workspace settings, billing details, and even invoice designs, cater to a diverse range of business needs. Furthermore, its GDPR Cookie feature ensures user data is handled with the utmost care, adhering to global standards.


Closing Thoughts

Taskly SaaS Nulled merely a project management tool; it’s a digital partner for businesses. It embodies a fusion of intuitive design, advanced features, and customization, making it a force to be reckoned with in the realm of project management. For businesses keen on evolving, optimizing workflows, and fostering a culture of collaboration, Taskly stands out as the beacon guiding them towards unparalleled efficiency and success.


5.5 – Sep 19th 2023

  • Added SMTP Settings in company login Added
  • Update zoom meeting integration Improved
  • Fixed small bugs Fixed

5.4 – Jul 27th 2023

  • Added PayTR payment gateway integration. Added
  • Added Dark recaptcha. Added
  • Small improvement in landing page module Improved
  • Added Summernote text editor instead of TinyMC text editor Improved

5.3 – Jul 10th 2023

  • Added new payment gateway integration (PayTab, Benefit, Cashfree, Aamarpay) . Added

5.2 – July 4rd 2023

  • Added CMS base dynamic landing page. Added
  • Add new languages Chinese, Turkish, Hebrew, Portuguese(BR). Added
  • Add language Disable/enable functionality. Added

5.1 – June 21th 2023

  • Add SSPay payment gateway. Added

5.0 – Jun 15th 2023

  • Added Storage limit in plan wise. Added
  • Added AI modules. Added
  • Added Iyzipay payment gateway. Added

4.9 – June 02nd 2023

  • Add Manually and Banktransfer payment gateway. Added

4.8 – May 13th 2023

  • Added Notification template module. Added
  • Added New theme colors. Added

4.7 – April 28th 2023

  • Added Payfast payment Gateway. Added
  • Added SEO settings. Added
  • Added Webhook settings. Added
  • Added Cache clear settings. Added
  • Added Userloged details modules. Added

4.6 – April 12th 2023

  • Added new Toyyibpay Payment Gateway. Added
  • Design improvement in timesheet and payment setting modules. Improved

4.5 – March 28th 2023

  • Added shared project features (People can see the project’s progress as a guest). Added

4.4 – March 15th 2023

  • Added Email verification security enable/disabled feature. Added
  • Fixed minor bugs. Fixed

4.3 – February 16th 2023

  • Added Email verification security feature in the user registration. Added
  • Added google calendar in zoom meeting, task module. Added

4.2 – January 30th 2023

  • Upgrade Laravel version 8 to 9 Added
  • Add duplicate project module Added

4.1 – November 10th 2022

  • Integrate cloud data storage like local , AWS and wasabi Added
  • Small improvement in contract module. Improved

4.0 – August 23th 2022

  • Add contract module Added

3.9 – July 29th 2022

  • Project Report module. Added

3.8 – July 20th 2022

  • Email Templete. Added
  • Image uploaded preview. Added

3.7 – July 4th 2022

  • Company can also change own settings like RTL on/off, primary color settings, sidebar settings, layout settings Added
  • Small improvement & bug fix in design layout like setting page etc. Improved

3.6 – May 11th 2022

  • Upgrade Theme Added

3.5 – March 29th 2022

  • Admin/Company should be able to reset password for users. Added
  • Add new PT(portuguese) lang. Added
  • Add new paymentwall payment gateway in invoice & plan module. Added

3.4 – February 8th 2022

  • Added reCaptcha in login, register & reset password page. Added
  • Admin can enabled/disabled user register module. Added

3.3 – January 10th 2022

  • Added Telegram Integration for Notification. Added

3.2 – January 4th 2022

  • Added Slack Integration for Notification. Added

3.1 – December 27th 2021

  • Added Zoom Meeting Module. Added

3.0 – December 23th 2021

  • Added desktop application for track project activity/hours. Added

2.9 – December 09th 2021

  • Added Import/Export in Excel in User, Client, Project, Invoice. Added

2.8 – December 2rd 2021

  • Company can send plan request & admin can accept or reject plan request (Manually Payment Gateway). Added
  • Added Qrcode in Invoice. Added

2.7 – November 16th 2021

  • Added GDPR Cookies. Added
  • Convert into laravel 8. Improved

2.6 – September 8th 2021

  • Added RTL Feature Added
  • Landing Page will be edited via admin side. Improved

2.5 – August 2nd 2021

  • Payment Gateway : Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Mercado Pago, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, CoinGate. Added
  • Fixed Minor Bugs. Fixed

2.4 – March 25th 2021

  • Admin side language switch option. Added
  • Project members permission. Fixed
  • Fixed Minor Bugs. Fixed

2.3 – February 12th 2021

  • New Design. Added
  • Project Members have permission module. Added
  • Notes have sharing option Added
  • Chat Module. Improved
  • Fixed Minor Bugs. Fixed

2.2 – November 18th 2020

  • .env file variables saving. Fixed
  • Gantt Chart. Improved
  • Fixed Minor Bugs. Fixed
  • Paypal and Stripe will have Recurring and One-Time purchase option on upgrade plan. Added

2.1 – September 28th 2020

  • Mp3 files allowed on a project file and tasks file. Fixed
  • Display Currency before Budget and Milestone Cost. Improved
  • Improved Payment gateway. Improved
  • Forget Password. Fixed
  • File Upload limit will be 20MB according to server configuration. Fixed
  • Fixed Minor Bugs. Fixed

1.1 – Initial Release

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