WORKSUITE v5.2.87 HR, CRM and Project Management Nulled

WORKSUITE HR, CRM and Project Management Nulled
WORKSUITE HR, CRM and Project Management Nulled
WORKSUITE HR, CRM and Project Management
WORKSUITE HR, CRM and Project Management

Free Download Worksuite HR, CRM and Project Management Nulled v5.2.87 | Worksuite HR, CRM and Project Management Free Download v5.2.87 aspires to be your one-stop business solution to handle and automate as business tasks and save your time so that you give more time to core business decisions.


  • Manage customers and leads. Track client projects, invoices, proposals/estimates.
  • Add your company’s employees, track their attendance and manage their leaves.
  • Create contracts with clients with e-signatures.
  • Create projects, add project members and track the project progress, expenses, earnings, timelogs, tasks, milestones.
  • Kanban taskboard to visualise work and tasks.
  • Project gantt chart to plan the project schedule.
  • Convert the invoices to credit notes which can be redeemed.
  • Create products which can be used in invoices and can be purchased by clients.
  • Tickets can be raised by employees and clients which are assigned to ticket agents to get it resolved.
  • Messages section for internal chats
  • Slack, pusher and one signal integration for real time notifications
  • Theme settings to style the app to reflect your brand
  • Receive payments via PayPal, Stripe and Razorpay gateways
  • Create custom roles with custom permissions for employees.
  • Various reports for tasks, timelogs, finance, attendance, leaves
  • Tons of other configurable options

Worksuite HR, CRM and Project Management Free Download

Changelog Worksuite Nulled

Fix: Date format issue
28 Feb, 2023
2	5.2.82	
Bug Fix related to Estimates
Fix: hours logged in advance dashboard
27 Feb, 2023
3	5.2.81	
Fix: Estimate Create
26 Feb, 2023
4	5.2.8	
Quickbooks Integration: Added One-way Sync for invoices and payments. 
Set Day OFF in Shift Roster for employees
Now can select products in the lead form
Now can add follow-ups for converted leads also
Follow-up can be marked as complete
Added client filter in Timelog reports
Added designation filter in attendance
Added multiple slack notifications
Recurring Invoice and Recurring Expenses are now easier to create
Now can send daily timesheet reports on email
Added Immigration tab for employees to add passport and visa details
Bug Fixes
23 Feb, 2023
5	5.2.7	
Added Bank Accounts Functionality which can be linked with invoices, payments and expenses.
Show lead value total on lead board
Duplicate Project Feature Added
Added Custom Fields for Contract Module
Added Estimate Templates
Added Company Logo for clients
Added Prefix like invoices for contracts
Added Reminder Option for Time Tracker in Timelog Settings
Bug Fixes	

New features:
Show the last view timestamp for invoices and estimates for clients
Option to change the separator symbol for invoices, estimates, etc in Finance Settings
Bug Fixes:
General bug fixes to improve the overall performance of the application
09 Jan, 2023
2	5.2.5	
Upgrade your PHP VERSION to min 8.0.2 before upgrading
Do not upgrade if your current application version is less than 5.1.7
Update payroll module (if you have) after updating the main application

Group multiple leaves
Attendance monthly email report
Set probation, notice period, and internships for employees
Currency format can be set for individual currencies
The active timer will be visible on all pages' top bar
New permission for project template to use the templates
Added Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down reactions for Task comments
Added Wasabi Storage option in storage settings
General bug fixes
Release Notes
28 Dec, 2022
3	5.2.4	
Webhook URL for Payment gateways has been changed
Webhook URL for Payment gateways has been changed
Added option to attach files in leave
Added Digitalocean Space s3 Storage option
Push notification Bug Fix
General Bug Fixes
08 Dec, 2022
4	5.2.3	
Upgrade your PHP VERSION to min 8.0.2 before upgrading
Do not upgrade if your current application version is less than 5.1.7

Improved project filters
Set custom month for year start in leave settings
Assign lead agent in bulk
Added employee appreciation feature
Work anniversary widget on dashboard
Birthday notifications added
Added miro board integration for projects
Reporting manager can pre-approve the leave
UI/UX improvements
Bug Fixes
11 Nov, 2022
5	5.2.2	
Set the language for employee/client
Create designation hierarchy
Create contract templates
Create proposal templates
Work from-home option while clock-in
Work from the home dashboard widget
On leave today dashboard widget
Add custom project status
Lead widget on the dashboard
Set which task data to show to clients in task settings
Add project shortcodes to identify project and related tasks
File upload in events
Link field in Events
General Bug fixes
Release Notes
06 Sep, 2022
6	5.2.1	
Do not upgrade if your current application version is less than 5.1.7

The application is upgraded to Laravel 9 which supports PHP 8 and higher
Set monthly leave limit for leave types
Choose first or second-half leave type
Employees can see default employee profiles of other employees
Week view for Shift Roster
Upload file in the Knowledge base
New Expense Report
Now export custom field also in excel
Setup Hierarchies in departments
Allow auto-clock-in with the first signin of the day
General Bug fixes
Release Notes
18 Aug, 2022
7	5.2.0	
Note: Upgrade your PHP VERSION to min 8.0.2

Attendance and Shift roster bug fixes
Leave bug fixes
Weekly timelog widget on employee dashboard
Remark field for shift
Convert email to tickets
General Bug Fixes
Release Notes
28 Jul, 2022
8	5.1.9	
Added milestone start and end date
Message settings changes for employee and client
Invoice reminder can be set before and after due date
Now task labels can be set on project basis also
Set application name in theme settings
Employee dashboard widgets can be managed by admin
Bug Fixes
Release Notes
12 Jul, 2022
9	5.1.8	
Added Row Count dropdown for tables
Shift Management UX improvements
Project Admin permission improvements
Employee dashboard calendar data improvements
Google calendar enable/disable option for employee profile
Added ticket tabs on client and employee profile
Custom fields in lead and ticket forms
General Bug Fixes
28 Jun, 2022
10	5.1.7	
Added import projects feature
Added duplicate task feature
Create multiple attendance shifts
Added separate permission to show earnings on timelogs
Added separate permission for unassigned tasks
General bug fixes
12 May, 2022
11	5.1.6	
Added lead follow-up date filter
Added milestone filter on project task section
Added more fields in lead custom form
Client info to show on invoice/estimates can be controlled in finance settings
Unread messages count is now visible
Now reminders can be set for the lead follow-ups
Now tasks can be created without an assignee also
General Bug fixes
24 Mar, 2022
12	5.1.5	
Add emergency contacts for employees
Admin/employee can also create order for clients
Now customer can upload signature also on estimates/contracts
Updated knowledge base UI
Bug fixes
03 Mar, 2022
13	5.1.4	
Now Sub task can be assigned to task members
Added Employee Date of Birth field and created dashboard widget for it.
Now Task timelogs can be paused/resumed by assignee
Added option to download payment receipt
Now create custom fields for products also
General Bug fixes
17 Feb, 2022
14	5.1.3	
Now add multiple product images
Added configurations for google translator in translations
Added Database backup settings
Added option to create downloadable products
Added filters in project Gantt chart
Added client document section
General bugs fixes
03 Feb, 2022
15	5.1.2	
Knowledge base for employees and clients
Added Import option for Employees, Clients, Leads and Attendance
Google calendar integration
Attendance hours clocked view
Added Lead notes section
View attendance on Google map
Bug fixes
18 Jan, 2022
16	5.1.1	
Added Attendance Export
Show timelogs for milestones
Added recurring expenses
Bug Fixes
26 Dec, 2021
17	5.1.0	
16 Dec, 2021
18	5.0.9	
Added support for Telegram Integration in SMS module
Added images option in invoices, estimates, proposals and products
Added option to reset permissions for default roles
Added option to copy permissions while creating a new role
General Bug Fixes
15 Dec, 2021
19	5.0.8	
Added Square Payment Gateway
Fixed taskboard permissions
Added attachment fields for project discussions and messages
Added Payfast payment gateway
General Bug fixes
07 Dec, 2021
20	5.0.7	
Added Mollie Payment Gateway
Added Paystack Payment Gateway
Fixed Onesignal notification issue
Fixed ticket reply issue
Fixed recurring invoice issue
Fixed product category issue
Added employee timelogs export
Create public projects (accessible to all members)
Ability to change allowed file types for upload in app settings
Other general bug fixes
23 Nov, 2021
21	5.0.6	
Show leaves on Attendance summary
Added personal leaves page
Now repeated tasks are created automatically on the task start date
Fixed timelog permission issue
Fixed ticket permission issues
Fixed two factor URL
General bug fixes
02 Nov, 2021
22	5.0.5	
Added Two-factor authentication in security settings
Added option to enable customer signup in the app settings
Now clients can be added without email and password also
Added ability to add descriptions and files for subtasks
General Bug fixes
20 Oct, 2021
23	5.0.4	
Fixed ticket public form issue
Fixed public lead form issue
Fixed manual timelog datetime
Fixed auth page translations
UI Improvements
General bug fixes
07 Oct, 2021
24	5.0.3	
General bug fixes
06 Oct, 2021
25	5.0.2	
New User Interface
Laravel 8
Dark Mode
Improved User Experience
Employee Invites
04 Oct, 2021
26	5.0.1	
UI/UX Improvements
General Bug fixes
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