WPNotif (v2.9.4.1) WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications Free Download

WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications
WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications

WPNotif WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications Free Download v2.9.4.1 | WPNotif WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications Nulled v2.9.4.1 , a powerful WordPress plugin, redefines customer communication by sending instant notifications through SMS or WhatsApp. Compatible with WooCommerce, WPNotif provides a platform to engage customers, foster better relationships, and increase retention, all from your WordPress site. Automatic notifications can be triggered whenever customers place a new order or when the order status changes, keeping customers informed and reassured.


The distinctive feature of WPNotif is its flexibility. It allows for different gateways for different countries, enabling businesses to reduce SMS costs while enhancing deliverability. The power of choice lies with the business, as they can choose the cheapest gateway or use a combination of them. WPNotif WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications Free Download is not just about cost-saving; it’s about improving efficiency and streamlining communication processes.

Moreover, WPNotif appreciates that we live in a global village. Catering to a diverse customer base can be challenging, but WPNotif turns this into an opportunity. It offers multi-lingual SMS templates, so businesses can communicate with customers in their language. This personal touch ensures customers feel valued, contributing to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

One of WPNotif’s most innovative features is its integration of WhatsApp messaging. Businesses can send WhatsApp notifications alongside SMS. And for those who prefer not to use SMS, WPNotif allows the option to turn off SMS notifications and use only WhatsApp. This versatility ensures businesses can tailor their communication strategy to their customers’ preferences, enhancing effectiveness.

WPNotif plugin nulled stands out in its intelligent design. Its smart country code detection feature automatically identifies and applies the correct country code, even if it’s missing from the mobile number field. This attention to detail prevents potential communication gaps, ensuring seamless delivery of messages.


In addition to these features, WPNotif GPL offers multisite support, over 20 integrated SMS gateways, quick manual SMS sending from the order page, and is fully GDPR compliant. The plugin is translation ready, providing comprehensive WooCommerce support, including automatic order status update notifications and manual order status SMS triggers.

WPNotif’s versatility extends to its compatibility with a broad range of SMS gateways. It is integrated with over 170 gateways, and even if a particular gateway isn’t listed, businesses can use their preferred gateway using the custom gateway integration feature.

In a nutshell, WPNotif is more than just a WordPress plugin. It’s a powerful communication tool designed to boost customer engagement, improve retention, and optimize your business communication strategy. WPNotif goes beyond conventional email and opens a direct line of communication to your customers, delivering important notifications instantly and efficiently.

Embrace WPNotif and transform your customer communication today. Your WordPress site deserves a communication tool as sophisticated and versatile as WPNotif. Experience the difference in customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention with WPNotif. Let your WordPress site be the hub of instant, effective, and personalized communication.



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Changelog WPNotif Nulled

22 Feb 2024 - Version 2.9.4
  - Improved: Nonce verification when saving settings
  - Improved: MIMSMS gateway update

29 Jan 2024 - Version 2.9.3
  - Improved: Telesign Gateway integration
  - Improved: TurboSMSbd Gateway integration
  - Fixed: Releans API integration

24 November 2023 - Version 2.9.2
  - Fixed: Special characters changing in gateway templates
  - Fixed: PHP warnings with some older versions of PHP

13 September 2023 - Version 2.9.1
  - Improved: Performance improvements
  - Fixed: Preset groups crashing in some sites

25 July 2023 - Version 2.9
  - New: Mexican and Spanish Translations
  - New: Custom WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: Interakt WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: Kalyera WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: Wa.team WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: Damcorp WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: Chat-api.com WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: Spoki WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: Msg91 WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: Aliyun SMS Gateway
  - New: QuickSMS SMS Gateway
  - New: TUrboSMS.top SMS Gateway
  - New: Beem SMS Gateway
  - New: TurboSMS.buz SMS Gateway
  - New: Fast2SMS SMS Gateway
  - New: Telenor Pakistan SMS Gateway
  - New: Sendlime SMS Gateway
  - New: SMS Connexion SMS Gateway
  - New: Afilnet SMS Gateway
  - New: Textdrip SMS Gateway
  - New: Tencent Cloud SMS Gateway
  - New: SMS4World SMS Gateway
  - New: Enablex SMS Gateway
  - New: Trumpia SMS Gateway
  - New: SMSAla SMS Gateway
  - New: Octopush SMS Gateway
  - New: Truedialog SMS Gateway
  - New: World-Text SMS Gateway
  - New: DirectSMS SMS Gateway
  - New: SMS Eagle SMS Gateway
  - New: Dexatel SMS Gateway
  - New: SMSTech SMS Gateway
  - New: AuthKey SMS Gateway
  - New: Dinahosting SMS Gateway
  - New: NextSMS SMS Gateway
  - New: Mobtexting SMS Gateway
  - Improved: Priority to Digits Account Number instead of WPNotif Number
  - Fixed: Users not getting added to predefined user groups when only using phone number to signup
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