Cost Calculator Builder PRO (v3.1.86) Download

Cost Calculator Builder PRO Nulled
Cost Calculator Builder PRO Nulled
Cost Calculator Builder PRO
Cost Calculator Builder PRO

Cost Calculator Builder PRO Nulled v3.1.86 | Cost Calculator Builder PRO Free Download v3.1.86 – if you’re searching for a smart, simple tool that allows you to easily create price estimation forms to give your clients the opportunity to get information about your services and products costs you are in the right place.

WP Cost Calculator helps you to build any type of estimation forms on a few easy steps. This Calculator WordPress plugin offers its own drag-n-drop calculation form builder. Moreover, you can create an unlimited number of calculation forms and insert them on any page or post.

Our Calculator plugin for WordPress is intuitive and super easy for the visitors of your WordPress website, Cost Calculator is very suitable if services or products are variable, and there are many options to estimate the cost. Do you need to make a price calculator to know your project cost? – this tool is for you, Loan Calculator? – just install our plugin. Table Order? – Easy. The possibilities are unlimited. Let the WP Cost Calculator become your virtual assistant and increase the conversion of your website.

10 Various WordPress Calculator Elements:
○ Input Text Box
○ Total / Subtotal
○ Quantity Box
○ Dropdown Box
○ Toggle Button
○ Radio Button
○ Checkbox
○ Range Slider
○ HTML Code
○ Horizontal Line

Another bunch of custom elements are available in Pro version:
○ Multi Range
○ File Upload
○ Image Dropdown
○ Image Checkbox
○ Image Radio
○ Date Picker

Cost Calculator Builder PRO – Cost Calculator Premium version includes the following features and functions:
○ WooCommerce Integration – Let your customers calculate the price of your WooCommerce products depending on cost calculator variables and custom formulas.
○ Stripe & PayPal Integration – After calculation you can accept payments immediately over Stipe and PayPal.
○ Condition system – It allows form fields to show, hide, or be disabled based on conditions logic being met.
○ Orders Dashboard – Track, operate and confirm your customers’ orders in Dashboard.
○ Contact Form 7 Integration – This Calculator integrates with Contact Form 7 for best customer experience.
○ reCAPTCHA – Ensure the security and reject internet bots by enabling ReCaptcha.
○ Date Picker Calculator Element – Include a compact calendar with a range of days to the calculator.
○ Multi Range Slider Calculator Element – Use this one for defining the chunk of values on the slider range.
○ File Upload Calculator Element – Set a module where the users may attach any type of file onto the calculator.
○ Image Dropdown Calculator Element – Engage the users placing the select form with a set of images.
○ PDF Entries – Your customers will be able to download, print, or send a PDF invoice via email.
○ Email Quotes – Save time and seamlessly send an automatically generated invoice/order (after calculations) to the recipient via email address with a click of a button.
○ Image Checkbox – Add colorful pictures to elements like Checkboxes. So, the variety of options will be accompanied by a visual appearance of the item.
○ Image Radio – Works exactly the same as the Image Checkbox, but with Radio Buttons.


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Changelog Cost Calculator Builder PRO Nulled

Fix: Small bug fixes.

July 15, 2024


Added the ability to select the year in the Date picker element. 

Added "Type of label in total" setting in Image Checkbox. 

The address selected in Geolocation is now pulled into Webhook. 

When selecting only one option in Image Checkbox, the value is displayed only in Total but not in Composition. 


PDF and Send Quote are not displayed in Preview & Appearance and Submit button is not changed. 

Default value is not applied in Image dropdown and Image Radio elements if the number is hundredth. 

The old label remains after changing the value in the Default Value(s) in the Image Checkbox element.

July 9, 2024


Added a tooltip for long text and long ID in Conditions.

Product names in WooCheckout are shortened with the addition of a tooltip.

On the Confirmation page, the page name is shortened with the addition of a tooltip.

The calculator name was shortened with the addition of a tooltip in the Calculator field in WooProduct.

In WooProduct Product category shortened without adding a tooltip.


PDF does not display totals without formula elements.

Total field settings in WooCheckout override Total field settings in Payments and Order form.

Long text in the calculator title overrides the field in Orders.

Required in populated Repeater does not skip Geolocation element with Multiply option.

The "DELETED" label on the Orders page moves off if the calculator name is 2 lines long

July 3, 2024


Added ability to add multiple emails to the default Order form.

Added warning for the case when the user enables the Contact form but leaves email and subject fields blank.

Send Quote and PDF buttons are shown when filling Order form with Confirmation page disabled.


The Multi Range field is incorrectly displayed with a long title.

When deleting a new Repeater in an old Repeater, the country code in the Validated form returns to the original value.

After entering a promo code, the price is calculated at the old price.

If one period is deleted in the Date picker with Make some days unselectable and Block a period enabled, all periods are deleted.

June 27, 2024


Added new options for Click action setting of Sticky Calculator: Pop up summary, Download PDF, Share invoice, WooCheckout action after submit, Pop up on WooProduct page and WooCheckout action on WooProduct page.

Added a setting to show or not a calculator in the background when the Sticky Calculator is enabled.


Notice "Note: PDF files are not enabled" is displayed with PDF entries enabled.

Elements are not hidden in Preview and Appearance after resetting the condition.

Calculator is not added to Elementor Popup.

June 21, 2024


In Orders, all Formula elements are displayed regardless of selection in Payment Gateways and individual Formula elements with counts are highlighted.

Formula elements are displayed on WooCommerce Cart and Checkout pages.

In Email, all Formula elements are displayed regardless of their selection in Payment Gateways and separate Formula with counting are highlighted.


 Invalid data in one Repeater affects validation in a new Repeater in all elements.

June 18, 2024


If a location is deleted in one Repeater, locations are also deleted in other Repeaters.

June 14, 2024


Added a setting in Date Picker to prevent a site visitor from selecting several different dates or periods.

Warnings show up when a user does not fill in the fields in Order form settings.

Made integration of WooCommerce Meta with elements inside Repeater.

Updated the view for customizing formula selection in Payment Gateways.

Email and Website URLs are now displayed as links for Orders, WooCommerce, PDF and Send Quote.


Lines from the Geolocation element from the page are not pulled up during translation.

June 11, 2024


Small bug fixes.

June 10, 2024


A new feature, Sticky Calculator, was added.


The ID comes in the Subject of the Order form in the mail, even if the setting is turned off.

June 5, 2024


Added a setting to show calculations after the visitor has entered all form contact details in the Order form.


The Submit button in Preview & Appearance does not change when changed via Global settings.

When paying with Cash payment an alert comes out that the price must be greater than 0 if there are no calculations.

Words in Conditions are cut off.

Payment with Stripe, Razorpay, Cash payment, PayPal does not pass if there are special characters in the calculator name.

In Conditions it is not possible to draw Range in Date picker through unselectable days.

Repeater numbering moves away if the Repeater title is long.

May 29, 2024


When you delete one of the products on the “Orders” page after reloading the page, the price of the remaining product is assigned to the product and not to the calculation.

Order Form is not working when Upload File element is used in Conditions.

When reopening the map with the Request user location option in the Geolocation element, the custom icon becomes the default icon.
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